Club Brugge is the only team from Belgium that competes in the Champions League. Club Brugge does not have a vast history in Europe when compared to other clubs. They have not won any major trophies in Europe since its inception. The only performances they can talk about is the ones that happened in the 20th century, where they were the runners up of the European Cup in the 1977-78 season. They were also the runners up of the UEFA Cup in the 1975-76 season and semifinalists in 1987-88. They were also the semifinalists in the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in the 1991-92 season. It’s better to have Belgian football betting on Club Brugge in the domestic league rather than in UCL.

In the Champions League, Club Brugge has played 115 matches and has won 40 games. They have a win percentage of 34.78% in UCL. They have played more matches in Europa League when compared to UCL. In Europa League, they have played 182 and have won 79 of them. Their win percentage in Europa League is 43.41%.

Club Brugge is currently sitting second in the Belgian Pro League. After playing six games, they won six games and only lost one and scored 20 goals.

In this season’s Champions League, they are in one of the toughest groups. Their opponents in group A are PSG, Manchester City and RB Leipzig. In papers, it might look as if the Belgian club is the weakest. But after finishing three matches, they have won a game, drew a game, and lost a game. An imposing start for a club like Brugge in the most challenging group.

In the first match against Paris Saint Germain, they had one of the season’s best performances. They made the game very difficult for the star-studded PSG. They played like a complete team and didn’t have any stumbling when facing a big club like PSG. It was a hard-earned draw for them, and it felt like a win for them. They took sixteen shots against the Fench team.

On matchday 2, they faced RB Leipzig and won the game for two goals. They had an excellent comeback after conceding a goal in the 5th minute. Two goals in the 22nd and 41st sealed the victory and three points. It was a much-needed victory for them to keep their hopes high in that group.

On matchday 3, the Belgian club faced Manchester City. But the game was disappointing, and Manchester City thrashed them by five goals. They didn’t have the strength to strike back as they did in the previous matchdays. Pep’s team domination in the game was immense.

Club Brugge is currently sitting 3rd in the group. If they have to progress, then they should win all the remaining three games.