Dynamic Danes

Peru 0-1 Denmark | 4

After finishing eight matches in the World Cup qualifiers, Denmark became the second team from Europe after Germany to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The most exciting part of this qualifying is that Denmark has not yet lost a game. They have grabbed all the 24 points that they can get from the eight games. The significant part of this success of the Danes is another stat. This team has not conceded a goal in the qualifiers yet. They booked their place in Qatar without conceding a goal. It’s an impressive record for a team like Denmark. The team is untouchable, and the opponents will not be able to catch up with this record. Football betting on the in-form Danes will make the situation interesting.

Denmark has scored 27 goals from eight matches in the qualifiers. We cannot undervalue the performance of Denmark as there are some excellent teams like Scotland, Austria and Israel in the group. Even these teams were not able to break the wall of the mighty Danes.
It looks like the team has no intentions of stopping this streak shortly. They want to impress the fans and play good football by enjoying every single moment. Denmark was selected as the second happiest country in the world in 2021. They don’t want to keep unwanted tensions in their minds which will affect their comfortable lives. Their national team also supports this philosophy of being happy in their minds while playing. That would have been one of the reasons why when the shocking incident of Christian Eriksen happened on the ground during the Euros, no player lost control. They stood firm in front of their world. They were sure that Eriksen would return with more energy and willpower.

The unique energy and willpower change the players into a team. In the Euros, Demark was the team that played like a team at the best level. When we look at their players, they will not be as good as the opponents. But when they are in unity, it’s difficult to beat them. In papers, they may not look good. But it’s in the ground where they send their replies to all the doubts. They played like the dark horses in the Euros. When they reached the semifinals, most neutral football fans would have thought that it would be lovely for Denmark to win the title. But their dream ended in the semifinal.

Every football fan will have the Denmark that played the Euros in their minds. It was such a dream run from the team. When the Ballon d’Or shortlist was announced, the captain of Denmark, Simon Kjær, was one of those 30 players. Another memorable, delightful moment for the Danish team and the fans.

Denmark will surely be a dark horse in the upcoming World Cup. But the team will try to take that tagline off with some great performances with consistency.