The takeover of Newcastle United


The news about the Saudi-led takeover of Newcastle United first came up in June last year. But somehow, the deal collapsed due to the Premier League’s disagreements and the Covid pandemic. There was also news that EPL was against this takeover, which is why they rejected it. But now the time every Magpie fan were waiting for has arrived. The day, 7th October 2021, will be a historic day for all the fans. The total cost of the takeover is 305 million pounds. It was purchased by a Saudi Arabian consortium, Public Investment Fund (PIF). The fans marched to the stadiums to celebrate the takeover of the club. This might be the best day for the Newcastle fans in their life.

Public Investment Fund will own 80% of the club. The new owners have already talked with the fans about the takeover, and they have assured that they have big plans for the future. They asked the supporters to continue supporting the team. The fans are excited about this long term investment, and now they can dream big. English football betting will be now interesting after this takeover.

Indeed, this takeover will completely change Newcastle United in every manner. This million-dollar investment means that now the club will aim for top titles. To compete with the top six in the Premier League and to participate in the European Competitions. It will take time, and we will surely see some interesting scenes in Newcastle in the coming years. The big signings will be easy for them when we look from the financial side of the club.
Right now, the club will start to rebuild. But, there will be some harsh decisions that will be taken in the coming days inside the club. The main plan will be to remove Steve Bruce from the manager’s position. It will not surprise if this happens soon. They will look for a manager who possesses high quality and who’s ready for a new challenge. It will be interesting to see the list of managers who will take charge of the Magpies.

The next big thing is to see how many players will leave the club as part of the rebuilding and the signings to be made by the club in the upcoming transfer windows.
Another exciting factor will be the increase in fans. The number will surely increase after such a takeover. The new owners will create a new image for the club all around the world. Tie-ups with other football clubs will also be a part of this growth. Overall, the appearance of Newcastle United is going to change in and out.