Belgium and France meet again after the 2018 World Cup Semifinals in Russia. Tomorrow, both teams will fight each other again for a final spot. In 2018, it was for the World Cup final spot where Umtiti’s header took France to the finals. Tomorrow both the teams comes head to head to book a place in the finals in the second edition of the UEFA Nations League. Winning the Nations League will be a priority for both teams as they had disappointing performances in Euros this year. Both teams were predicted to be the title contenders, but things didn’t go well for Didier Deschamps and Roberto Martinez. So, both the tacticians will be aiming at the title. The teams can also have a mental boost for the World Cup next year if they can win the Nations League as the preparations for the World Cup are going smoothly and steadily.

The match kicks off at 2.45 pm ET on October 7, 2021, at Allianz Stadium in Turin, the home of Italian giants Juventus FC. Be ready for live score betting during the match between Belgium and France.

The main focus will be on the Belgium trio of Lukaku, De Bruyne, and Hazard. If the trio can sync up very well, things will go easy for the Red Devils and create a significant headache for France. Deschamps main focus will also be to solve the puzzle on how to stop this trio.

Eden Hazard should put a dazzling performance in Turin to show that he is still in his prime form after returning from the recent injuries when he moved to Real Madrid from Chelsea. He is yet to make a convincing performance with the Los Blancos. The so-called Golden Generation of Belgium must win this title to show the world that they were indeed the Golden Generation.

Like Belgium’s attacking trio, France’s attacking looks threatening when the in-form Benzema leads the team. Currently, the No.9 is going through the form of his life with nine goals and seven assists for Real Madrid, the key man for Madrid this season alongside the Brazilian Vinicius Jr. This is the perfect time for Real Madrid man to shut the mouth of the critics who were constantly criticized on his performances with France. He should sync up with Griezmann and Mbappe, or else he will indeed be left alone in the attacking front of Les Bleus. Griezmann’s performance will also be key to France’s attacking as he is going through a difficult time after moving to Athletico Madrid.

The National League semifinal is the best stage for many players to regain their confidence and put a world-class performance for their team.