Football Teams That Agreed to Promote Gambling for Money

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The world of football and the world of gambling has been connected in many ways for years. However, it wasn’t until recently that the greatest football teams started accepting sponsorships from the casino and betting companies. Those who like visiting low wagering casinos with low wagering requirements and other similar gambling platforms like to see their favourite football wearing the logo of the casino brand that they trust. In the text below, you can see which football teams have accepted sponsorships from major gambling companies.

Real Madrid

All betting fans who also like best payout casino UK with a high RTP have head about Real Madrid. This football team is considered as one of the best ones, and not only in Spain, but also in the rest of the world. The best players like Benzema, Camavinga, and Bale are a part of Real Madrid. Moreover, Real Madrid was among the first ones to accept paid sponsorship from a gambling company. All those who played in Real Madrid had to wear bwin logo on their jerseys.

Manchester United

For most UK players who spend time at low wagering casino UK with low wagering casino bonuses, Manchester United is the best team that has ever existed. And that is not far from the truth. However, Manchester United found its way on our list simply because during the season of 2012/2013 it had a sponsorship deal with bwin.


Many gambling sponsors have been declined over the past years, simply because some countries don’t allow any type of gambling ads. On the other hand, there were some teams that didn’t need any sponsors but they decided to accept a deal with one or more gambling companies. One such team is Juventus. Even though their deal with BetClic UK lasted only two years, it showed many other teams just how beneficial such sponsorshi0ps can be.

FC Bayern München

One of the greatest German football teams joined forces with bwin, and interestingly enough, it resulted in one of the greatest seasons in the history of this team. In that same year when they started promoting bwin they also won the Bundesliga championship and UEFA Super Cup.


These are just some of the most popular teams who accepted to promote big names from the world of gambling. It is expected that many more will join in the future since so far these partnerships have proven to be very useful for both sides.