The Most Profitable and Easy Betting Markets for Football


Having solid betting strategies is as important as choosing the best sports betting brokerage. These methods should have consistent results with fewer errors and risks.

And how can you do this? First, by knowing the most profitable betting markets for football leagues. Here are some of them that only need a short time to learn.

Asian Handicap

This betting market gives attractive returns, especially when you’re not that familiar with the teams playing. You will only have to look at your betting platform and see who has the virtual lead over the other. Then determine if the stronger team can absolutely win or bet on the underdog otherwise.

Thanks to its diverse odds formats, it offers a wide safety net for whenever the top dog is underperforming. If you think the game will be a draw or the weaker team will lose by 1 goal, you can win by betting on odds that favour the underdog.

On top of that, you can maximize different sports broker offers by simply registering on betting sites like VOdds. You can receive up to €/£200 rewards when you place your bets on major football leagues like Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Premier League.

Aside from receiving a bonus, you can also start accessing multiple bookmakers in a single account, making betting on diverse markets easy and seamless.

Draw No Bet

This is another betting market that is easy to start on and gives lucrative returns, especially gambling on bet brokers in the UK. Draw No Bet only has two possibilities to choose from: a home win or an away win because it simply means that when the game ends in a draw, your bet will be returned.

This is perfect for matches where you’re sure which team will be the victor. Even if they are not successful and the game ended in a stalemate, your funds will be refunded. This insurance makes it popular for startup bettors.


The Over/Under market is popular as bettors don’t need to predict who will win the game. All you need to do is bet on whether the number of total goals will be above (over) or below (under) a certain benchmark.

The specified number of goals depends on the odds you’re betting on. Here’s the quick breakdown of it:

0.5 0 goal 1 or more
1.5 0 to 1 goal 2 or more
2.5 0 to 2 goals 2 or more
3.5 0 to 3 goals 4 or more
4.5 0 to 4 goals 5 or more
5.5 0 to 5 goals 6 or more


This is profitable thanks to its simple format and how straightforward it is in placing bets. If you think the accumulated goal will be 2 or more, then bet on Over 1.5 odds. For beginner punters, the most popular is to bet on “over”, especially the odds “Over 2.5 goals”.

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

As the name suggests, you will win your bets if both teams scored throughout the whole game. Who wins or what’s the total score is irrelevant.

There are only two options to bet on, Yes or No. if you think both sides will get one or more goals, then choose “Yes”. While betting on “No” means you’re hopeful for a draw or that only one squad will score.

To increase your winnings, use this market to bet whenever sports betting brokers’ favourite squads are facing each other. Your bets have more value as the chance of both teams scoring is higher.

Anytime Goalscorer

If you want to maximize the strong roster of a team or the impressive record of one player, this market will be the best one for it. All goals are accounted for except for those scored during extra time and penalties.

Simply choose a player that you think will kick a goal. The less likely to score, the better the odds. And unlike the First Goal Scorer, your chances of winning are higher because you’ll win as long as your chosen footballer scores within 90 minutes of the game.

Now that you know these lucrative markets, why not try them out yourself? Even if you’re not a professional bettor, you can start placing bets on these betting markets with the help of an Asian sportsbook broker like VOdds. You can maximize their brokerage services such as API and even do an odds comparison all in one platform.