The Betiton Team Takes on a Prominent New Member

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Djibril Cissé, best known for having been the headstrong striker for Liverpool, has recently entered a partnership with a young online sportsbook that goes by the name of Betiton to assist them with their marketing efforts and goal for further growth

Despite being hardly older than a year, Betiton has experienced such impressive growth that it would make any other youthful betting platform green with envy. In fact, the recent addition of Djibril Cissé to their team is a great testament to their rate of growth. The young sportsbook was launched in 2020 and has expanded its services to be able to provide them to 13 markets in 8 different languages. Moreover, we should not forget the astonishing range of Betiton’s available betting markets for its players to enjoy.

However, the ambitions of the team behind the betting brand won’t allow them to slow down just yet and in fact, the inclusion of Djibril Cissé in ranks is part of their mission for further growth. The combination of Cissé’s charisma, stubborn determination to surmount anything in his way, and his drive to succeed even against all odds will prove to be an integral aspect of Betiton’s recipe for success. The brains behind the Betiton brand have expressed both their admiration for Cissé’s achievements as well as their delight to be working with the footballer.

In fact, in an interview involving the CEO & co-founder of Betiton, Arnaud Serour, and the ex-striker for Liverpool, Serour was asked on his thoughts about the partnership. With a smile, Serour was quick to say: “Djibril Cissé is not only a major football star who has had an incredible career playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world, he has also overcome major injury setbacks and for us is the embodiment of determination and character. We have been working with him daily for the last few weeks, he’s a joy to work with and develop ideas and is also a fantastic human being.”

However, the excitement surrounding this endeavour did not solely emanate from Betiton’s side but also from Djibril himself. When asked to comment on the partnership, Djibril Cissé enthusiastically remarked: “We connected immediately with Arnaud and his team. I’ve been struck by Betiton’s motivation and vision to be a leading operator in the gaming industry. I am confident we will reach those goals and am really looking forward to it. Game on!”

The French footballer has been playing football for about as long as he remembers but his professional career truly started in 1998 with the French club AJ Auxerre. Auxerre has built a reputation for itself for being a club that takes young talent and develops it, causing it to flourish into fine, fully fledged footballers. Despite being a very successful striker with the team, scoring 70 goals in 128 appearances and being the top scorer in Ligue 1 in the 2001–2002, Cissé decided to take his burgeoning career elsewhere.

In 2004, was signed to Liverpool but his time at Anfield Stadium was dotted with horrible injuries that could have taken away his ability to play football forever. However, never one for giving up, Cissé bounced back from his injuries in time to score some very important goals for the Reds. In fact, his contributions led to Liverpool winning the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup. Sadly, his time with the team wasn’t meant to last and, after a season long loan with Olympique de Marseille between 2006–2007, was transferred to that same club in 2007.

During his stint with Marseille, he also spent an entire season on loan—this time to Sunderland. Despite their wish to keep Cissé within their ranks, the Black Cats simply could not afford the transfer fee requested to them by Marseille. Instead, Cissé found himself in Greece in 2009, after being signed to Panathinaikos. The Greek team seems to have gotten the best out of Cissé, whose performances earned him the love of fans. However, Cissé wasn’t all too pleased with the way refereeing was conducted in Greece and decided to leave the club.

Thus, in 2011, he moved on to Lazio to give the Serie A a try. Even here, however, Cissé took issue with the style of Italian football, finding that it wasn’t quite what he was looking for. Instead, he gave the Premier League another chance by transferring to the Queens Park Rangers. His time with QPR, however, wasn’t meant to last and for reasons unknown, Cissé left the club in 2013. In the following years, Cissé had a very eventful period in his life.

He moved from club to club, often staying no longer than a season and sometimes even less, and even retired from football twice. His time away from football, however, proved to be eventful nonetheless as he took up DJing, modelling, and even fashion design. However, the French striker’s passion for football seems to have gotten the best of him at the end and nowadays, he can be found playing for Panathinaikos Chicago in the National Premier Soccer League.