Ronaldo is still breaking records at 35

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Cristiano Ronaldo has become the all-time leading goal scorer in football’s history; he rewrote the record books in the Italian Super Cup final by scoring the goal against rivals Napoli. It was a strike that almost immediately added another club trophy to his collection and smashed the famous record.

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The 35-year-old has become the highest-scoring player in football’s history with 760 goals to his name, Cristiano Ronaldo now has 760 goals in his incredible career. The Portugal captain started his career at Sporting Lisbon, he made 31 appearances there, and he scored about five times.

Ronaldo moved to Manchester United, and during his six years at Old Stratford in England, the Portuguese started gaining 118 goals. A move to Real Madrid followed, and it was at Real Madrid he became the Spanish giants’ record goal scorer.

In 2018, Ronaldo joined Juventus in a £100 transfer due to ending his nine-year reign in Spain. Ronald has 85 goals for Juventus, and they will only continue to expand. The Portugal player does it on the international level too. Ronaldo is Portugal’s all-time goal scorer with 102 goals.

Ronaldo left Real Madrid and joined Juventus in July 2018, and when it was announced, the Spanish football was full of sorrow. However, for those rivalling Real Madrid, it would have been a lot of relief most especially Seville where Cristiano Ronaldo tortured them during his nine-year stint.

The Portugal player’s most goals scored against a single opponent was during an illustrious career when he scored 27 times against Sevilla. He scored two during the UEFA Super Cup and scored 25 goals in La Liga against Sevilla. He scored 27 times in 18 games.

Ronaldo only failed to notch against Sevilla; however, he made up for them. Luckily, Juventus has not faced Sevilla in Europe ever since Ronaldo moved and is grateful for the luck.

Ronaldo didn’t only plunder goals against Sevilla; he did the same with other teams. He scored 25 against Atletico Madrid; he scored 20 against Barcelona and Celta Vigo, these teams are all accustomed to watching him during his trademark celebration. Ronaldo even scored ten goals against his current club Juventus before joining them.

Ronaldo’s goal-scoring numbers are jaw-dropping, and when you break them down, they show how skilled and complete he is as a footballer. His goals aren’t just stacked by his favored right foot, out of his ten goals, he has scored six out of them with this body part, but out of ten, two of the goals are with his left last two in ten were with his head.

In the 2014/15 season, when he played against Athletic Bilbao, one goal came off his elbow, and when he played for Manchester United against West Ham in 2008, another goal rebounded in off his groin.

Breaking his goals down further, he has scored about 648 goals in the penalty area, and outside of it, he had scored 112 goals, from all angles, he seems like a threat. The majority of Ronaldo’s goals have unsurprisingly come from open play, about 570 of them about 75 per cent. Ronaldo has scored 57 goals from free-kicks, and 18 per cent of his goals are accounted for penalties.

Ronaldo has scored 488 times with his right foot, which is about six goals every 10 with this body part. Ronaldo has shown that he is not fazed by location. He has scored 40 per cent of all the goals away from home. Only 53.95 per cent of his goals have been scored in home fixtures, the remaining 40 per cent have come on the road.

Ronaldo has shown that time is just a concept; it doesn’t matter how many minutes you have gone in the match, with Ronaldo, you always have to be on your toes. Ronaldo scored in extra time in the 2011 Copa del Rey final where he scored a goal against Barcelona.

Everyone is aware of Ronaldo’s records. He is now the world’s all-time goal scorer. Still, unsurprisingly, that is not the only record he possesses, Ronaldo is the greatest goal scorer in the European club football’s elite competition.

Ronaldo has become the first European player to rack up hundreds of goals for his country, which happened in September. He reached one hundred goals for his country when he scored twice against Sweden.

Cristiano Ronaldo has stunning numbers behind his record, breaking goal scoring feats. Undoubtedly, Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time leading goal scorer in the history of football.