Pro advice regarding advanced football betting

UEFA Nations League 2020/21: Spain vs Germany - tactical analysis tactics

You have probably seen plenty of articles talking about football as a world-wide phenomenon. This is a true statement, but football, or rather the fans’ love for it, transcended this planet and went out of space. Yes, you read that right. At least two asteroids are floating in our Solar system that got their name after this sport’s icons. For instance, the one named after Arsene Wenger is currently following its trajectory somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

No matter how wondrous that is, the thrill of the game is very much real and palpable. And according to millions of fans worldwide, it never gets boring. Rather, the feeling ages fine, just like red wine. But football is also an industry, with revenues in the 10-figure range, televised in every corner of the planet and with all the big corporations as sponsors. Why wouldn’t the average folk use that and monetise the opportunities of football betting?

Whatever is true about watching football can be said about betting on it. Thus, the new 20s have made wagers easier with the use of technology, friendly on any kind of electronic device that you got at hand. Adapting to all kinds of gateways has pushed the betting scene into growing exponentially year by year, with projections of hundreds of billions of dollars in the next 7 years. Want to be part of the wave? Check out these strategies below!

Calculate the Poisson Distribution

There is always an element of randomized events or chance when it comes to sports. But this technique is based on a formula that divides the home-scored points of a team to the total season points of the same team (on average).  Having this abstract match average is the safest bet to employ when no clear advantages are weighing in on the battle. Of course, this number is intrinsic to a unique team lineup, and if that changes, so does the number itself.

Create complex bet slips

Things have evolved considerably from only betting on who is going to win between team A and team B. Nowadays, online casinos, like the ones from, allow for complex, multi-entry bets that can be extended from less than one game to the whole season. Picking a string of smart and safe bets can be the perfect way to cancel the potential losses out. Thus, make bets on the favourite teams, support the underdogs a few times, and check stats for early champion picks.

Pinpoint the right match type you’re betting on

Even though the players and their skills are the shining stars of the matches, what goes around the field and the context of the competition is essential. Knowing who the underdog is and who the favourite is may seem like an ABC move, but comparing actual stats instead of popularity should go a long way. Also, if you are focusing on an underdog, make sure to give leeway if they are playing a sandwich game, aka an easier opponent face-off between strong teams.

Do not buy points!

In many places, online and offline, complex bets can be tweaked in the gambler’s favour by buying points and turn the slip into a winning one. However, there are two downsides to this option. Points are limited to a maximum of 1.5 usually, which does not allow a lot of flexibility. Also, bought points come with a lower chance of winning big, as they are different from guessed points. This means that, in the long run, the money invested will come back slowly and hardly multiplied.

Place the match in the right context

No matter how tumultuous the seasons, some things stay the same throughout any given year. That is why a detail to consider, which is often overlooked, is season erosion. Main competitors, as well as promising rising stars, can usually use their stamina to their advantage at the start of annual races like the UEFA Champions League. On the other hand, The World Cup or Olympic games tend to show entertaining moments from the quarter-finals onward.

Note that every championship may leave the world surprised, just like the Germany vs South Korea match of 2018 made everyone gasp.

The best strategy is safety!

We cannot stress this enough, and so you will probably get bored of hearing it before we refrain from saying it. Betting should be a small investment for the chance to enter a big shot thing. Never put a hefty sum on wagers if you are not ready to let go of it. Both sports betting and casino gambling has to be done after the person has constructed a unique budget. Check out helpful sources in this learning process.

Sporting events have been keeping people together since the times of Ancient Greece when even wars were suspended between cities so the Games could run their smooth course. Even though a lot has changed since ancient heroes’ glory, sports like football keep us together.

So no matter if you are hanging with friends and family in front of the TV or will soon be in the stadium, remember to keep up the uplifting spirit of positivity that comes with the experience!