West Ham stars try their luck at describing CS:GO action

Premier League 2019/20: Arsenal Vs West Ham United – Tactical Analysis tactics
Another example of the role Aubameyang played.

West Ham United’s Andriy Yarmolenko, Robert Snodgrass and Ryan Fredericks were all given the opportunity to try and learn a different skill and perhaps give themselves something to think about when they decide to hang up their boots in the future.

The above video was filmed by the crew at Betway.

Guided and taught by Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat, the trio were provided lessons in the art of commentating on esports, with popular gaming title CS:GO being the game of focus for the footballers.

‘Semmler’ is a master of his craft and has plenty of experience of commentating on all Counter-Strike gameplay, therefore there certainly was no one better for the West Ham stars to learn from.

They were provided with two classic clips from the game in which they needed to give their own spin on what was happening. These clips featured the Coldzera ‘Jumping Double AWP’ play and the iconic Happy Deagle ace on Inferno.

Stars step up to the challenge

Indeed, whilst each of the individuals clearly had different levels of skill when it came to describing the action that was taking place, all three managed to put on a worthy performance that would have kept listeners and watches gripped.

‘Snoddy’ stepped up first to the podium to take on the task and appeared to manage it with ease. As mentioned earlier in the video, the Scotland international has been known to provide his own commentary on a number of videos in recent times, with the midfielder having made remarks when watching amateur football clips.

As ‘Semmler’ mentioned, Snodgrass would provide plenty of energy and enthusiasm with his words and even got the professional commentator immersed in what was happening.

Fredericks, who has experience of playing games online, as ‘Snoddy’ revealed the argument the English full-back had with a teenager online, also appeared to enjoy himself with his commentary task and really got involved with some great one-line remarks.

However, although “Semmler” did mention that the Ukrainian had made solid efforts in stepping up when undertaking the task, Yarmolenko was not shown in the video sharing his ability as a commentator.

West Ham stars will need to produce on the pitch next season

Nonetheless, the West Ham United men still have plenty to give on the football field at the London Stadium and will need to be in as good form as they were when they were commentating on the CS:GO action.

The Hammers managed to retain Premier League status, but at one point towards the end of the campaign it was a nervous affair. David Moyes will want to avoid a repeat of it next year, and if he does, Yarmolenko, Snodgrass and Fredericks will be essential ingredients in their cause.