Why Arthur-Pjanic swap deal will help Juventus

Serie A 2019/2020 - Bologna vs Juventus - tactical analysis tactics

The Arthur-Miralem Pjanic swap deal seems to be edging closer now. To many, it is a very strange deal that would allow two clubs to balance their books. While the fee involved and the money involved might be strange, but Juventus signing Arthur will make a lot of sense for them.

After Juve’s 1-0 loss to Lyon in the UEFA Champions League earlier in the season, manager Maurizio Sarri had reflected on where the club’s weaknesses lie right now. Sarri revealed that the club isn’t moving the ball quickly enough- or as quickly as the Italian would like. It remains a stark reminder for what the bianconeri lack.

Juve have had a season in which they’ve been very drab sometimes. Their loss to Napoli in the Coppa Italia final was probably the worst performance of the season. They looked dull and slow and the movement from midfield was very slow indeed. There was too much sideways passing and Napoli hit them on the counter-attack many times.

Because of this, they’ve had some bad games in Serie A as well. They were drab in the 2-2 draw against Sassuolo. They had to rely on individual quality in games against Atalanta, Genoa, Bologna, Verona, SPAL and even Brescia. The individual qualities of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and often Pjanic himself has saved them on multiple times. Fans can look forward to seeking some great odds on apuestas24.mx.

In the games that it hasn’t worked out, they have lost games- like they lost against Napoli and Lyon. That is largely down to lack of quick movement of the ball in midfield. Arthur is one player who can sort out that problem for Juve and Sarri.

The 2019/20 season was Arthur’s best for Barcelona. Last season was a struggle because of injuries and he kicked from the Copa America onwards. He had missed 10 games last season and has missed around the same this season too. But he had this spell early in the campaign, when he scored three goals and got three assists from midfield.

After that, he’s had fitness issues. But the 23-year-old is someone who thrives on moving the ball in midfield. He’s played an average of 53.3 passes per game this season with an impressive accuracy of 91.2 percent. He has previously been compared to Andres Iniesta for this very reason and he’s just someone who keeps play ticking and often makes runs into the box to score goals.

Miralem Pjanic has played in an anchor-man role this season and has struggled many times, despite a promising start. But Arthur might not be made for this role as he’s better further forward where he can dictate play a bit more. He can certainly play a bit deeper but he isn’t a prolific tackler. So he might need Juve to press harder from the front to thrive in an anchor-man role.

It is key to remember that Arthur is only 23 and there is potential to grow there as well. Like Rodrigo Bentancur, he is of an age where he can grow and improve in the future and help Juve add dynamism in the heart of the park.