How To Fill The Void With No Live Football


It’s fair to say that for avid football fans, life is a little bit boring right now. There’s no matchdays to look forward to, no games to analyse, and no real football on the TV.

Sure, you can live stream the Belarusian Premier League, but it doesn’t quite have the quality of the Premier League or Championship. It doesn’t even have the quality of the Northern Premier League!

For sports fans across the world, there’s a void been left, an itch that just needs scratching.

Luckily for you, there are a number of ways in which you can remedy that!

Yes, all is not lost. There are plenty of ways to fill the void of no live football and we’re here to provide you with some inspiration…

Relive Old Moments

TV channels are pushing reruns of old sporting events hard, with weekend schedules made up of classic clips, documentaries and reruns of events gone by.

Match of the Day have been showing reruns of old games including classic FA cup ties, while Premier League Years is entertaining many on Sky.

There are plenty of amazing sporting moments in history to enjoy across the likes of snooker, cricket, horse racing and tennis, too. Take a little surf around online and if you are partial to a podcast you can even listen to classic sporting moments replayed on BBC Sounds.

Try Virtual Sports

If you’re looking for something new though, you can come a little unstuck. The power of the internet however makes the impossible, possible.

Virtual sports and Esports are growing hugely in popularity and many major sports are taking note.

The Madrid Open in tennis is holding a virtual tournament, while the PDC have created the Home Tour darts tournament which you can not only watch, but bet on too.

That’s one of many virtual sports that you can now wager on, you can even try your hand at virtual football betting because most UK bookies run virtual football match simulations throughout the week.

It may not illicit the same response as watching a real football match live but you’d be surprised by how immersive the simulations are.

Sports Documentaries

The power of the sports documentary has never been more apparent than right now. There are dozens to stream on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, some offering unique insight into preparations and tournaments, others offer an emotional connection to a sporting icon.

Documentaries such as The Test, Diego Maradona and The Last Dance have proven hugely popular during the last few weeks, while series such as Sunderland ‘Til I Die and Invictus are also excellent watches.

Be Imaginative With Playing Sport Yourself

While playing the majority of sports falls foul of social distancing measures, there are ways you can still enjoy some sports.

Of course, you can get out and run and cycle in public, but there are options at home too! Why not turn your home into a crazy golf course, using household items as obstacles and creating makeshift holes (while trying not to damage anything of course). How about putting up a dart board or even investing in Subbuteo to recreate classic matches? There are tons of possibilities that can keep you active or give you the sporting stimulation you require at this tricky time.