In Search of the Right Online Bookmaker

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The rise of the online bookmaker has, without doubt, revolutionised the sports betting industry. There are many global brands which accept players from all corners of the globe, and also a host of smaller, independent bookmakers that are targetted at a more selective regional client base.

So, the question is, how do you find the right bookmaker for you? Setting aside licencing as this is a standard requirement that punters should look for. Also, let’s not get wrapped in the payment options because there a plethora of options to choose from in this area.

Instead, one of the primary objectives should be to think about the sports you’re interested in betting on, and narrow your options down from there. Basically, different countries have a passion for different sports. This often means sportsbooks that are localised to these markets provide a better all-round package for bettors. For instance:

UK: Bookmakers that are looking to encourage UK punters to their site will focus on two main sports over and above all others: football and horse racing. Regardless, as to where you are in the world, if these sports are your passion, you want to find a UK bookie which accepts players from your country. These will have the most bonuses and promotions, and strong market depth for you.

Australia: There are many stellar Australian betting sites to choose from. This is a country that is fanatical about horse racing and greyhounds. However, its sports preference is driven by Australian rules football and National Rugby League matches. These are what dominate the homepage of the online bookie. Of course, bookmakers from other countries have AFL and NRL markets, but they are not usually as comprehensive.

India: Two words – cricket and kabaddi. These two sports rule the Indian subcontinent like no other. If you want the best cricket bets, promotions, free bet clubs, and so on, an India-focussed bookmaker is your best bet.

USA: For the best NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL betting, a US-facing sportsbook is unquestionably where you want to be looking. In addition to an extensive range of markets, you can also get in-depth game previews and betting tips.

The point is, don’t settle for the first site you come across. Take your time to assess all your options. There is a world of choice waiting for you, and your perfect bookmaker is out there. You simply need to put in the effort to find it.