Which Are The Best Players Sir Alex Ferguson Picked Of All Time?


Meta: Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Jaap Stam or Vidic, etc., which are the best players of Sir Alex Ferguson in history? Let’s check this out now. 

Sir Alex Ferguson is a legend, a statue, and the greatest manager in the modern era thanks to his talent, contribution, and dedication to football. He has an eternal passion and love with Manchester United, where he spent his whole life devoted to the success and the great of the club.  

Well, he also created numerous legends for the club and football world, who were all excellent and marvellous players of all time. Now, let’s have a look at the best players of Sir Alex Ferguson of all time and pick one for you. 

#5. Peter Schmeichel

For me, I would pick Edwin van der Sar for the goalkeeper position, but Peter Schmeichel is arguably better in some aspects. The legendary Danish goalkeeper attended in the all-time world team after numerous achievements he got. 

This man was excellent at saving by both hands and legs. He also got many stunning saves that no one could believe. His strength was one-on-ones that not many strikers could pass him easily. 

Peter Schmeichel, with Man Utd, had a tremendous amount of titles in his career: five EPL titles, three FA Cups, one Champions League cup, and one European Super Cup. He was also named numerous times at Team of the Year. Peter Schmeichel is simply the best goalkeeper of all time at MU. 

#4. Rio Ferdinand

In general, Rio was among the best defenders in the world in the past. But the reason why he attended in this list is that he was the most stable and humble centre-back that Sir Alex Ferguson had. 

He played smartly, yet firmly that many strikers were afraid to face him. He got a durable body, fast pace to chase down the opponents, and stop their encounter-attack chances. Rio was also famous for his right decision, determination, and prediction when facing one-on-ones. 

Ferdinand, therefore, was among the best players under Sir Alex’s era. He went through ups and downs with the club for 12 years and achieved respective titles. Six Premier League titles, four FA Community Shield Cups, one C1 cup, and one FIFA Club World Cup are all in his trophy collection. 

#3. Paul Scholes

The “Blondy Prince” was the purest pearl of Sir Alex Ferguson: exceptional abilities, excellent attitude, respected personalities, and no scandal. Paul was the typical model of footballer that everyone should follow. 

Scholes was a three-in-one midfielder that all managers wanted at that time: a playmaker, box-to-box scorer, and defensive midfielder. He was considered to be the most excellent midfielder in his generation at that time. 

He was great at both long and short passing, dribbling, and moving without the ball. He played intelligently and skillfully. His technique was brilliant and nearly untouchable. 

Scholes was a legend, a pearl of Man Utd. He spent his entire career for the Red Devils, which was a total of 20 seasons. I mean, you hardly see a loyal and devoted player at that time, but Paul was one of them. 

Twenty seasons with MU, eleven Premier League titles, three FA Cups, two Champions League cups, and many more personal titles. These are what he deserved to have in his collection. Paul also played in a total of 718 games for United and scored 155 goals, which was an impressive number for a midfielder. 

#2. Cristiano Ronaldo 

Not any word can describe this “incredible” superman. Honestly, Man Utd is always home for the Portuguese superstar as this was where he became a legend and started shining so brightly. 

This raw pearl was identified by Sir Alex Ferguson. The respected old man also taught Ronaldo many things both inside and outside the playground. 

His abilities are absolutely brilliant. He runs like a cheetah, shoots powerfully, and jumps the highest in the world of football. He trains like insane, and we often say in a humorous way that he’s a robot or scoring machine, not a human. His talent is undeniable, and this guy was the one Sir Alex needed the most. 

Ronaldo was born to conquer and achieve titles and trophies. Under Sir Alex Ferguson’s era, he had a tremendous number of prizes. Let’s take a look at his title collection. 

Three Premier League titles, one FA Cup, two Football League Cup, one Champions League cup, and one FIFA Club World Cup. For personal awards, he’s got one FIFA Ballon d’Or – the highest individual honour for a footballer, and one European Golden Shoe. He also joint in FIFA World Player of the Year and UEFA Club Footballer of the Year in 2007-2008 season. 

#1. Eric Cantona 

I mean, no one at Man Utd had a strong, rough, and arrogant characteristic like Eric. Though he only served MU for five years, he became one of the greatest legends in the Theater of Dreams. 

Cantona was famous for his standing collar and robust play style. He was always a captain in the middle, who yelled, screamed, and managed the team to try their best. He was among the best captains of all time at Manchester United. 

When he arrived, MU hadn’t had a single title for 25 years. But his presence helped the Red Devil achieve four titles in just five years. He was also the one to connect two generations of United thanks to his generosity, devotion, and imagination. 

Cantona contributed to the success of Man Utd with four Premier League titles, three FA Charity Shield, and two FA Cup. He was arguably the best player of Sir Alex Ferguson. 

Wrapping up

Now you have known the best players of Sir Alex Ferguson in history. They were all the greatest legends that had brilliant talent and exceptional characteristics. Most of them retired, but their affection is clear and useful to help the Red Devils at a specific time. 

So, which is your favourite player under Sir Alex Ferguson’s era? Let’s pick one for your own.