Passion for the Game: 6 Football Players Who Have Been Seen Gambling


Gambling is popular entertainment, both among ordinary people and athletes. Many footballers quite often make sports betting, play poker, or roulette, and some of them even have a gambling addiction.

In general, all those who are involved in sports are not allowed to gamble during tournaments and betting on sporting events. After all, they may know the result in advance. 

However, this rule does not prevent many athletes from getting caught in the game in bookmaker offices and casinos every year.

Indeed, gambling is not a rarity among professional footballers. The development of Internet technology has led to a massive migration of customers to online platforms like Best UK Online Casinos, where gamers can meet a lot of famous people.

In our article, you will find the names of some of the most famous footballers who are fond of poker, roulette, and betting. Let’s start.

Joey Barton

This scandalous athlete has been passionate about betting for quite a while. Once he was even disqualified from the game for his addiction. 

Well, when the investigation found new details, he was completely suspended from the game for 1.5 years. After this, Barton decided to end his career as a football player. 

Such severe measures were taken because since 2006 the footballer made 1260 bets. And all could be fine, but for 42 bets he made on the team for which he played. 

The investigation considered it inappropriate and even offered to forbid the players to place bets. However, many athletes were against this ban.

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Chelsea’s Dutch forward, was spotted at Connoisseur Casino in 2002 before the game, where he left £50,000 in a short period. The game against Liverpool was held the next morning, where the Dutchman played badly. He was replaced, and as a result, the team lost. 

Eidur Gudjohnsen and Jesper Gronkjaer, Hasselbaink’s Chelsea colleagues of the time, lost money in the same casino, and very quickly. 

Gronkjaer lost £112 thousand, and from the pocket of Gudjohnsen blackjack and roulette took £400 thousand (this is only in Chelsea, and in general, the amount is about £6 million).

Cristiano Ronaldo

The legend of modern football, winner of the Golden Boot Cristiano Ronaldo, needs no introduction. The world-renowned Portuguese athlete has made a cool advertisement to one of the most famous online poker platforms, with which he signed a contract at the end of May 2015.

Ronaldo is a member of the PokerStars sports team. As a representative of the poker room, he regularly plays online, where thousands of fans want to beat him. 

Ronaldo’s name is often found in poker promotions. The player himself has even come out against the famous professional poker player Patrick Antonius.

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona, once accused of setting up an illegal gambling house in Buenos Aires, also likes to sit at a table with cards. Unlike his Portuguese colleague, Maradona prefers to play for money, occasionally visiting the casino. 

He claims that cards allow one to immediately understand what kind of person is near, as, during the game, emotions become more acute. If the opponent is close to losing, one reveals all the negative qualities. 

The footballer also prefers to play roulette. But in everything, he knows the red line and can stop after several unsuccessful games.


Neymar, a football idol of youth and one of the brightest strikers of the Spanish Primera, who also shows himself in the Brazilian national team, and in the Champions League, likes to take a break from football in the pleasant company of friends. 

That is why he loves poker as much as Cristiano Ronaldo: he even named his dog Poker.

Curiously, Neymar signed a contract with the same poker platform just before Ronaldo. Neymar himself plays online with rapture, cheering on Brazilian professional poker players. In August 2015 even took part in the European Poker Tour (EPT) with Gerard Piqué.

David Beckham

Having finished his career as a midfielder for Real Madrid and Milan, Beckham was not jokingly involved in gambling. He spends a lot of time at the best casinos in Las Vegas, making big bets.

Beckham does not only play at casinos but also takes an active part in the gaming business. He has a contract with gambling club owners in Macau and Singapore. By advertising these institutions, David gets a good income. 

According to investors, working with Beckham will allow them to significantly increase the flow of clients in casinos located in Singapore, Macau, and other regions.

Final Words

With all the rapid innovations occurring each day, there is a good question to answer. Why should somebody gamble and get into camera lenses when they can play favorite games from their home computers and under an abstract nickname? 

Roulette and blackjack online are played by almost half of the English national team, in particular, the leader of the “Three Lions” Wayne Rooney.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that gambling can be both a pleasant way to spend time and to bring a lot of troubles. It is always important to prioritize things in life and keep an eye on the red line of addiction to be able not to cross it.