This Is How Big the Football Betting Industry Really Is

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The football betting industry is huge and accounts for around 40% of all online bets placed in the UK. It is estimated that football bets generate around £600 million in profit for bookmakers each year, proving just how popular it is. If you are putting on an accumulator each week as you walk with your tribe to your local footballing shrine, then you are a part of it. Here is why football betting is so big right now.

Reasons Why Football Betting Is Huge

From an undeniable football culture and football betting promotions to Premier League shirt sponsors, there are lots of reasons why football betting is so big. Here are some of the most prominent reasons.

  1. Football culture

Many countries in Europe have adopted a football culture. This is especially the case in the UK and Spain. Both countries can put a case forward for having the best league and best players in the world on home turf and this attracts a bigger audience at home and abroad. Within a bigger audience comes more people wanting to bet on football.

  1. More games and more markets

Games are also spread out with more league fixtures played midweek. By spreading out fixtures it attracts separate bets rather than having all games in one accumulator; this is what would have happened before TV rights came about and all games were played at 3pm on a Saturday. On top of this, betting companies are offering more markets on individual games. In the past, gamblers may not have bet on the first throw in or how many corner kicks would take place in a specific ten-minute period.

  1. Online betting and promotions

The accessibility of betting online has also increased the industry numbers. For example, people can place half-time bets without moving from the sofa or can place a bet because of developments in the game. The number of places to bet have also increased and each of these sports betting vendors are offering football betting promotions to win new members.

  1. Sponsorship

Over half of Premier League clubs are now sponsored by betting companies. This has attracted some negative attention because it may expose younger viewers to betting in some form, but it has also promoted new and upcoming sites to gamblers who watch football. Whatever you think of the gambling shirt sponsorship debate, it has unarguably helped the football betting industry.

Where Next for Football Betting?

Football betting, unlike casino games, is not likely to benefit massively from technological advancements such as virtual reality. However, football betting sites may merge with the likes of bitcoin in the future and increase the convenience of placing a football bet for some people. Either way, football betting doesn’t seem to slow down and looks set to keep scoring big numbers.