Value Bets to Look Out for This Season

Scout Report - Nicolas Pepe
In this image you can see Pepe, receive the ball in the channel after a pass from Guendouzi, up against Van Dijk 1v1. Van Dijk, subjectively the best defender in the world is beaten comfortably by Pepe as he speeds towards the Liverpool goal.

Are you trying to win money at the bookies? Isn’t everyone, right? The problem is, there can be so many different options, it can be hard to know where to start. In this article, we’re going to look at a few hand-picked value bets that could be a good option. Remember, these odds have been picked especially to try and give you some of the best value around. The outcomes in these markets are not the most likely thing to happen in that specific event. But if you’re bored of always picking the favourite and never winning much, then a bit more upside from these choice value bets might be for you. Let’s have a look to see where your money could go a bit further:

EPL Winner

Obviously, everyone thinks this is a two-horse race between Liverpool and Man City this season. City were the favourites before a ball was kicked, but now they’re a bit behind the Champions League holders after only a few games. You can currently get Liverpool at around 1.8 and Man City at around 2.00 (decimal odds) according to, so you can see there isn’t much between them.

But is that where the real value lays? This might seem like a long-shot, but we all remember when Leicester City stunned the world and won the EPL in 2016. Could they actually do it again? Some of those players are still around, specifically Schmeichel and Vardy—and they have the experience to know what it takes. Leicester have also improved themselves with Maddison and new boss Brendan Rodgers is starting to get noticed.

Leicester winning the league again might seem unrealistic, but they’re currently sitting in third just two points behind Man City after 9 games. If you want a lot of upside, this bet could be for you. An unlikely Leicester league win has decimal odds of around 250. That means a £10 bet could net you £2,500 should they manage to do it. Just don’t bet too much as you need to remember this is a VALUE bet and is still much less likely to happen than Liverpool or City winning the league (hence the odds).

EPL Top Four

This season, top four looks as wide open as ever. Normally, there are only 6 teams who really have a shout of making those Champions League qualification spots. But some of those teams are struggling—like Man Utd And Spurs. Others, like Arsenal, are unpredictable. So things might see a big shake-up with another team making the top four.

The obvious choice for this is also Leicester, but bookies are already aware of their threat. You can get them at around 3 which isn’t huge value. So who else might be an option? How about a resurgent Crystal Palace? This one is a real long-shot, but remember when Bolton finished top four more than a decade ago? These things happen, and Palace currently sit in sixth place after 9 games, above both Spurs and Man Utd. Bookies don’t expect this run of form to continue, but if they do, you can get odds of 80 on them to finish top 4 this season.