Unconventional Football Competitions: Exploring Niche Leagues And Offbeat Tournaments


Today, the soccer world has a hierarchical structure with national leagues organized into regional groups such as UEFA. They are all controlled by FIFA, the sport’s leading company, which is the largest international governing body.It is responsible for holding significant competitions, such as the soccer mundial or the Champions League. However, real fans are interested not only in traditional but also in unconventional tournaments. This article discusses the latter phenomenon. You will learn about the differences between the Pacific Games and the CONIFA World Football Cup and the special rules that apply in the First Division of Netherlands soccer.

Alternative Football Cups

Today, many different soccer tournaments are managed by something other than major international organizations. However, they are still attractive to the viewers. On the contrary, fans can often find a refreshing perspective in them and see new and unusual moments. The comparative table below shows three of the most exciting tournaments categorized as alternative soccer cups.

Pacific Games This competition is held every four years, just like the World Cup. Athletes from the Pacific Islands participate in it. In addition to soccer, the games are held in swimming, athletics, and basketball. They are open to teams hailing from Fiji, Samoa, and Tonda. In 2019, as many as eight soccer teams participated but only the team from New Caledonia was able to get the top prize and title. The team from New Caledonia won the tournament with a score of 2-1. The team from Fiji took the third place. It should be noted that so far 16 Pacific Games have been held. The number of participating countries has grown from 13 to 24, while the number of athletes has increased sixfold. This statistic is easily explained by the growing popularity of this competition, which attracts the attention of more and more people time and time again.
CONIFA World Football Cup This Mundial is organized by CONIFA, a non-profit organization that represents soccer teams from regions that are not part of FIFA. The first such tournament was held in 2014, although the traditional World Cup dates back to 1930. Nevertheless, it has provided soccer players with great opportunities to make it to the world stage. Teams from regions such as Northern Cyprus and Tibet got their chance to become famous and popular.

Some of the tournament’s features include the fact that it is a bi-annual event. Not only do teams from the above regions participate, but also from Cascadia, Abkhazia, and Chameria. This tournament has boosted soccer visibility in these countries and places and stimulated interest not only from the athletes but also from the spectators. It has created a unique platform that enables soccer players from distant countries to showcase their talents.

Island Games This is a unique competition where teams from different islands take part. It was first held in 1985, and now it is held every two years. Today, more than 24 islands take part in it, as it is a great opportunity for soccer players and other athletes to show their skills. As in the Pacific Games, participants compete in categories ranging from cycling to track and field.


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First Division In The Netherlands

This competition has exciting rules that make it different from other soccer tournaments. 

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Let us get back to the First Division. The point is that the team that takes first place in the division is automatically promoted to the top league. However, other participants in the Division continue to fight in the knockout battles. This is necessary to get a chance to participate in it next time.

At first glance, the rules are the same as in other championships. However, the difference is that this division uses such a concept as “Periods.” These include:

  • the best team according to the results of 8 matches;
  • the best team according to the results of 9 to 16 games;
  • the team with the highest scores after 17 to 24 matches;
  • the team with the best score in matches from 25 to 32.

10 teams take part in the tournament. The best team is not only the team that won the Division but also those that took the winning positions in the “Periods.” If you want to learn more exciting information about this competition, you can find it here

It is also worth noting the fact that this tournament is held annually. Thanks to this, fans will always be able to satisfy their thirst for exciting matches.