RIP Trevor Francis: A collection of iconic images and videos

Trevor Francis

Trevor Francis passed away last night.

Twitter, or X, reacted – and rightly so.

There were many, many tweets (or is it Xs now?!) shared – almost all of which with a classic photo or video of Trevor Francis doing Trevor Francis things.

I wouldn’t normally go down this road because great football people die all the time (hey, we’re all getting older), but for some reason I was really surprised at the news.

So, here is the best of what I saw yesterday.


Francis, like many top players in England during the 80s, tried his hand in Serie A and wasn’t half bad there either.

We all remember Pro Set, right?

Francis was cup tied in Europe after his £1m signing – but he was available for the final against Malmo and scored the winner. Martin O’Neill might have forgiven Cloughie by now.

The goal, obviously.

Ceefax (OK, RetroText) all over it.

He earned that kiss.

O’Neill himself.

Of course, he could have ended up at Coventry.

Er, not sure.

Iconic kit ahoy.

Front cover star.

We published a couple of pieces yesterday, but most things from These Football Times are worth a read.

Love this, it’s personal.

You get the feeling Diego ain’t tracking.

Told you he was good in Italy.

Good photos.

Liking the trackie.

He could still play a bit by the time he was at Sheffield Wednesday (coincidentally, my piece yesterday was on Chris Waddle who signed him).

I don’t think they allow player-managers anymore.

Two gents.

Don’t take my word for his Serie A quality – far better to let the Gentleman Ultra tell you.

But it’s my birthday.

If Pele endorses that hair, what can you say?

Yep, had forgotten he’d played for Rangers.


The manager.

Guessing this was either the 1993 FA Cup semi or the Final.

And finally, Trevor Francis in the four ages of man (as a player).

One of the genuinely nice guys. Gone far too young.