Supercomputer predicts who will win each major European tournament

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We all love the supercomputer that works out the chances that a football team has of winning a particular competition that they are competing in, right?

Of course, the guys at FiveThirtyEight are the masters at providing this kind of statistical data and the predictor that we have all become accustomed to due to their complex algorithms and many of us have looked to use them as a point of reference when making a wager on what could happen when we find an online casino New Zealand has have available to use.

So for those of you who are interested in the major competitions within European football and were wondering who could be potentially crowned winners, then look no further than below as the data provided by the analysts has been shown below:

Champions League
5. Chelsea – 9% chance of winning

4. Ajax – 10% chance of winning

3. Liverpool – 14% chance of winning

=1. Manchester City – 24% chance of winning

=1. Bayern Munich – 24% chance of winning

Europa League
5. Barcelona – 8% chance of winning

4. Atalanta – 9% chance of winning

=2. RB Leipzig – 11% chance of winning

=2. FC Porto – 11% chance of winning

1. Borussia Dortmund – 14% chance of winning

Europa Conference League
5. Leicester City – 10% chance of winning

4. Feyenoord – 9% chance of winning

=1. AS Roma – 13% chance of winning

=1. Rennes – 13% chance of winning

=1. PSV Eindhoven – 13% chance of winning

Premier League
3. Chelsea – <1% chance of winning

2. Liverpool – 12% chance of winning

1. Manchester City – 88% chance of winning

La Liga
3. Atletico Madrid – 3% chance of winning

2. Sevilla – 10% chance of winning

1. Real Madrid – 84% chance of winning

3. Hoffenheim – <1% chance of winning

2. Borussia Dortmund – 3% chance of winning

1. Bayern Munich – 97% chance of winning

Serie A
3. AC Milan – 7% chance of winning

2. Napoli – 8% chance of winning

1. Inter Milan – 78% chance of winning

Ligue 1
3. Nice – <1% chance of winning

2. Marseille – 1% chance of winning

1. Paris Saint-Germain – 97% chance of winning

Indeed, for many of us who continue to use the observations to have been made as a guide after using the best slots online for real money to enhance our gambling passions, there are a few teams that would appear to be rather obvious and hardly surprising.

All of the major league competitions appear to have already been determined at this stage of the season given the percentages provided, with the European club cup competitions perhaps offering better value and choice.

It would appear that the UEFA Europa Conference League might be the most unpredictable, with AS Roma, PSV Eindhoven, and Rennes all being given a 13% chance of winning, which by no means they are clear favorites, either.

Good luck to any who tries to predict the winner of any of the European competitions, though!