Pep Guardiola outlines future managerial plans

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At this moment in time, it would be rather difficult to see Pep Guardiola leaving Manchester City in the near future.

Of course, some would argue it was always hard to predict that he would leave Barcelona or perhaps even Bayern Munich, so if history has taught us anything, do not assume anything.

Perhaps with that in mind, the Spaniard has recently been asked about his plans for the future and whilst he seemed to have failed to mention how often he uses, the legendary manager did provide an interesting answer to the questions.

The boss revealed that he hopes that he would get the opportunity to lead a national team in the FIFA World Cup once he decides he has done all he can with Manchester City. Some would probably ear-mark winning a UEFA Champions League would potentially see him leave the Etihad.

“I would love, I said many times, when I finish here, the pleasure to lead a team at a World Cup,” Guardiola explained in his press conference via Marca.

“But it is not easy to find it. There are only a few positions.

“I would like it but if it doesn’t happen I will train clubs, so it will not be a problem.”

In addition to mentioning his aspirations to manage a team at the international level, it would seem that he has no desire to manage in England once he has finished unless Man City come calling for him once again.

Guardiola is under contract at the Etihad Stadium until 2023, and there is some suggestion that will be when he is expected to depart the club.

“In England, being here I think always I will be Man City and if I have to come back it would be at Man City, if they want me,” Guardiola added.

“I would not train another club in England apart from this club.”

Then again, we all know how fickle football can be and that it can be rather difficult to take what someone says at face value; especially as we have all seen it before and on a number of different occasions.

Guardiola, should he ever be available, will likely be a manager that would be in high demand and many football clubs all around the world will be looking to pay him whatever he wants in order to bring them to their dugout.

Of course, that is the future and for now, he remains at Manchester City and seems pretty happy with what he is doing.