What will be Conte’s first target?


On November 2nd, Tottenham Hotspur released the news that all the fans were eagerly waiting for. They sacked Nuno Espirito Santo and appointed Antonio Conte as their manager. Nuno was sacked after the team’s 0-3 loss against Manchester United in Premier League. Spurs has zero shots in the game. One of the worst records in the English Premier League. Check cricket betting for some interesting betting during the tournament season.

After appointing Nuno in June for the new season, Tottenham had one of the best starts in the league. They won the first three matches in the league, including the win against the current champions Manchester City.

Tottenham was on the top of the Premier League after three matches. But after that, Nuno lost his momentum and lost consecutive games. The Portuguese manager was under severe pressure, and the club decided to remove him after the loss against United.

Currently, Tottenham is sitting at the 8th position with fifteen points in the league. Club’s decision to appoint Conte as the manager was quick and the best one the club can make. They approached the Italian in May. But he decided not to manage any club after he left Inter Milan.

What will the fans hope after Conte takes charge? What will be Conte’s first target? I think both the questions will have the same answer. A title. Yes. Tottenham needs to win a trophy, and the fans are desperate for it. It’s been 5000 days since the London based club has won a title. So, we can’t blame the fans for being desperate.

The last title won by the Spurs was in 2008, when they beat Chelsea in the league cup. Since then, the fans haven’t got a chance to celebrate in front of their rivals. Conte has a history of turning difficult situations into easy ones. In his first season with Chelsea, he won the Premier League title, and in the second season, he won the FA cup. With Inter Milan, he won the Serie a title in the second year. So, the Spurs fans can dream of getting a trophy this season.

The position of Tottenham in the league will be a relief for Conte. Currently are in a spot for European matches. Conte needs to push them up for qualifying either the Champions League or the Europa League.

The new tournament started by UEFA, the Conference League, will be the easiest way for Conte to win a trophy. There are no top teams in the tournament, and that makes it easier for Conte. Hopefully, we will finally see a major trophy in Tottenham’s showcase in the coming years.