Reminiscing about PSG vs Marseille

Ligue 1 2019-20: Olympique Marseille vs Olympique Lyon Tactical Analysis tactics

Le Classique! On Sunday, when two mighty French teams lock horns with each other, we may see the sparks of one of the fiercest rivalries in football. The rivalry between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille is the biggest in France and one of the best globally. When they met, it has either ended in a brawl or some other drama. It’s a 90-minute thriller that never disappoints the fans. The fight adds a little more spice to the match, and it’s something the fans urge for. It’s also a rivalry between France’s two ancient cities. Like the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Liverpool and Manchester United, PSG and Marseille deserve to be in the same level. It will be unpredictable in PSG betting when the rivals fight for three points.

The roots of this french rivalry started centuries back. It was something that began as political rivalry approximately in the 10th or 11th century. As the centuries passed, it just spread to other areas of society. It was also an integral part of the French Revolution and also in the World Wars.

In the 90s, it was spread into football when Marseille started to flourish as one of the best teams in Europe. They won the Champions League in 1993, and they are the only club in France to win the prestigious title.

They have played 28 matches in total, and the stats are in favour of PSG. They have won 19 games, and Marseille has only won just five games. Four of them ended in a draw.

The recent matches between them are also no less in giving us thrills. The game in September 2020 provided one of the best fights in football. Everything went out of control when Marseille beat PSG for the first time in nine years. A moment to celebrate turned into a war ground with kicks and punches between the players. The referee had a busy night in Paris. He had to show 17 cards in total to control the situation. But still, it was the same.

Something was fuming from the first minute itself in the game. It went on burning when minutes passed by. The cards from the referee calmed the situation down temporarily. It broke out at the injury time when Marseille’s Benedetto pushed Paredes. The other players took it up, and an uncontrollable brawl was started. The referee showed five reds, and one of them was for Neymar. After the game, Neymar accused Alvaro of racism. But the player denied it. The game ended after a dangerous fight between the players. The fans expect this kind of fight when they meet, and sometimes it gets beyond everyone’s control.