The GOATS to the rescue

UEFA Champions League 2019/20: Galatasaray vs PSG - Tactical Analysis Tactics

The football world should thank the Gods for still allowing us to enjoy the game of the world’s best football players. On Tuesday it was Lionel Messi, and on Wednesday it was Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United. The situation in which they performed makes it sweeter, and when both of them does it in the Champions League, it’s something different. Age doesn’t matter while doing some football betting, just like the two GOATS.

On Tuesday, Messi played against RB Leipzig. After the early goal from Mbappe, Leipzig struck back. When PSG started to lose their momentum Messi came to the rescue. In the 67th minute, combined with Mbappe, the Argentine scored the 2nd goal for PSG. But he didn’t stop there. In the 74th minute, they got a penalty, and Messi scored from the spot with a cheeky panenka. A calm finish under a pressure situation. He took PSG back in the match with two vital goals. In the ending minutes, he had the chance to score the hattrick when PSG got another penalty. But he offered the penalty to Mbappe. Messi always tries to choose his team over his gains.

When Messi scores a brace, how could Ronaldo finish his match without a goal? On Wednesday, Manchester United hosted Atalanta at Old Trafford. But it was one of the worst first halves for United as they conceded two goals within fourteen minutes. The fans at Old Trafford were shocked, and the team could not withstand Atalanta’s attacking football. The fans were expecting more goals in the first half.

In the second half, United started to play more offensively, and it helped them strike back at the 53rd minute with a goal from Rashford. Maguire scored the second goal in the 75th minute. The team became more fluid after scoring two goals. It was then the Portuguese man came to the rescue. United was searching hard to find the third and final goal to seal the game. But they were not able to break the defence. But at the 81st minute, like a superhero, Ronaldo’s header to the cross from Luke Shaw gave the third goal for the Red Devils. The stadium erupted, and the team had another thrilling comeback.

Both the players, even at this age, score vital goals for their team. They keep on mesmerizing the fans with their killer performances. Even when teams had young players, these two GOATS are still needed to turn around the results. One of the reasons why they are called the ‘Greatest Of All Time.’