Mendy and his iron fists

Premier League 2019/20: Brighton vs Chelsea - tactical analysis tactics
Brighton's approach to building from the defensive third. The dropping in of two midfielders deep and narrow allowed the space higher up for Mooy to exploit.

If the football fans start to hear the story of Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, it cannot be finished within one day. It’s an awe-inspiring story of a hero. A man who climbed from zero to hero with his hard work and perseverance. It’s a legendary story of a legend that the football world will sing for centuries. We might feel like that it is just like a dream for Mendy. But only when we stand in his shoes, we can know the struggles that he suffered in his life. His life was like football betting with many ups and downs

The Senegalese goalkeeper was struggling in 2014 after Cherbourg, a third division football club, decided to leave him from the squad. It was one of the hard times for Mendy as he even thought of finishing his career in football. He wanted to find a job to look after his family, and football didn’t seem a good option for him. He didn’t play football for one year, from 2014 to 2015.

But his story was not something that should’ve ended without any twists, and that’s what exactly happened after 2015. He got a chance to play for Marseille as a fourth choice goalkeeper. Then he joined Reims in 2016 as a second choice goalkeeper. But soon, he became their first choice with some impressive performances under the goal. It was just some signs of the talent that he possessed. In 2019, he joined Rennes, and he continued his remarkable performances. It also made the top European clubs keep him under their radar. He helped the team to qualify for the Champion League.

It was when Chelsea started to look for a new goalkeeper after Kepa failed to keep consistency. The world’s costliest goalkeeper was struggling, and it was a major headache for the team. In 2020, Chelsea decided to sign Mendy for around 22 million euros. A 22 million euros goalkeeper to replace the 75 million euros goalkeeper. Many fans were not familiar with him, and some even doubted that he could fix the holes. But Mendy just needed a few matches to show his proper calibre.

The fine run of Mendy ended by winning the Champions League with Chelsea. He kept nine clean sheets and equalled the record of owning the most clean sheets in a UCL season.
Mendy just keeps on impressing the fans. With him, Chelsea has an extra boost to keep on attacking. In the last league match against Brentford, we saw the ultimate form of Mendy. He denied a win for the Bees with his vital saves. Even the Brentfordmanager was impressed.

The football pundits have stated that Mendy might have been the missing piece of Chelsea in winning the league. His current stats are also a factor supporting the claims. Thomas Tuchel can touch the title if Mendy keeps performing well.