The dream of David Beckham

David Beckham vs Greece

The English football legend David Beckham has recently increased his stakes on the Major League Soccer club Inter Miami. He is a co-owner of the club along with Jorge and Jose Mas. After raising his stakes, he said that he is ‘more committed than ever’ with the club.
David Beckham played in MLS for five years with LA Galaxy. His time with the team has increased the value of MLS, and he was vital to the growth of the league and also to the rise in MLS betting.

The authorities of MLS knew how precious Beckham was and when he signed for LA Galaxy, they also added an attracting clause in his contract. A clause which he cannot refuse. The clause was that after retiring from Major League Soccer, he could purchase any of the MLS clubs except in New York. It was a clause that many of the fans were not aware of. A tempting offer for the former England International. He didn’t refuse that offer.

After retiring in 2013, he started to look at the clubs that he could buy, and he selected Inter Miami as his club. The main reason behind it was the passion and knowledge of the people in Miami on football.

He was a global ambassador for MLS. After becoming the co-owner of Inter Miami, he assured the fans that he would help the club be at its best. He knew what he was doing, and we can see that he had a plan of bringing the legends of football to Miami.

Beckham dreams of luring some legendary football players to MLS after finishing their peak career in the European leagues. He wants players to do just as he did when his career was on the verge. When we think about the players Beckham plans to bring; it’s not just some good players. He is targeting Messi, Suarez and Ronaldo. The Goats of football.

The player who has the highest chances of playing in America is Lionel Messi. There was already some reliable rumours about the Argentine going to MLS after two or three years. But it was mainly during his time in Barcelona. His move to PSG has stopped the rumours at least for two years.

Even Messi will be ready to move to the US after ending his long, legendary career in Europe. He will be hoping to have an American adventure. So, the best possible team for him will be Inter Miami. That’s the reason why Beckham pulls the strings from the front.
Beckham will surely make his first significant move to attract Messi in 2023 when his contract with PSG ends. He will offer Messi a contract he cannot refuse, just like the one he got years back.