Juventus FC – Back on track

Serie A 2020/21: Juventus vs Torino – tactical analysis tactics

Juventus escaped from a horrendous situation at the end of last season when they narrowly qualified for the Champions League with a point lead against the fifth-placed Napoli. Under Andrea Pirlo, they had the worst performance in the league in nine years. They lost the league title to Inter Milan after consecutively winning it for nine years. An end to a very long dominance. It was sure that Pirlo’s days were counted when it happened. A sad ending to a highly expected managerial career. At the end of May, they sacked Pirlo, and the club announced that Massimiliano Allegri would be returning as the manager of Juventus. He was one of the successful managers of the Old Lady. Allegri’s Juventus is a dependable team for soccer betting.

The fans were excited about his comeback and were hoping that he could turn around the club’s situation within a week or two. But it was tough for Allegri to fix all the problems in a short time. The cracks in the team were exposed during the friendly match against FC Barcelona in August. He realised that there were some significant issues in the squad that needed patience to solve.

The departure of Ronaldo can also be viewed from such an angle. In Allegri’s plan, Ronaldo was not an integral part. He was clear that they would miss Ronaldo goal-scoring ability in tight situations. But it was a necessary decision from Allegri to get the best out of the team. There will be minor side effects in the short term. In the long term, it was the best decision for him and the club.

As expected, the team lacked dynamism and sync in the opening match against Udinese. They drew against them with a scoreline of 2-2. In the second game, it was much more difficult for the team, resulting in a loss against Empoli. The gameplay of Juventus clearly showed that it was the plan that still needed time to set it up. In the third match against Napoli, they lost 2-1 and were at the league table’s bottom.

In UCL, Allegri was able to breathe peacefully after the win against Malmo. A much-needed win for the club to raise the mentality. It showed signs that the gameplay of the team was improving day after day. The main issue of the group was the defence. After the first UCL match, the team has not lost a single game till now. We saw one of the best performances of Juventus in recent times against the European Champions Chelsea FC. They won that game 1-0 with a well-placed team.

Allegri has successfully used his tactics to take back the team to the top. But it took some time to get back to the winning ways. They haven’t lost a single game after the loss against Napoli. The team structure has now changed, and Allegri is trying to make the team more competitive for the European matches.