Emiliano Martinez – The Late Bloomer


Emiliano Martinez and his rollercoaster type of football life would be the most inspiring story we would have heard in the recent past. Right now, the 29-year-old Argentine goalkeeper is going through the best days in his life. It took some more time for him to have a good time as a football player. But when the time arrived, he didn’t stop working hard. Only aimed for higher results even after a good time. He dedicates a bit extra for both the club and the country than all the other players on the field. He shows the mentality of a war hero in front of the goal. When Emiliano Martinez is in the goal for a team, the odds on football betting are high and predictable.

Martinez is now enjoying the well-earned success. He had the patience to wait for his time. But here he stayed for ten years to have a breakthrough, and it came as a blessing in disguise when Arsenal’s first-choice goalkeeper Leno was injured. Emi joined Arsenal in 2010 but was on some loan spells at different clubs. He only played 25 games for Arsenal in all those years. He suffered a lot in his personal life and family life. He had to stay in Europe to help his family in Argentina.

After Leno’s injury, Martinez showed impressive performance in the FA Cup semifinal against Manchester City, and he won the FA Cup by beating Chelsea in the final. It would have been the most memorable day in his life.

Arsenal made a mistake by letting him leave last season. After signing for Astonvilla, Martinez openly said that it’s an upgrade for him from Arsenal. His performance also gives more credibility to that statement.

All these memorable moments opened the door for him to Argentina national team. A dream come true moment for him at the age of 28. It was also a boon for Argentina. They have been searching for a good goalkeeper for a long time. He walked directly into the starting XI of Argentina. The poor performances of Armani increased his chances to become the first choice goalkeeper.

Martinez was a vital part of the team that won Copa America. He won the award for being the best goalkeeper in the tournament. His penalty saves in the semifinal against Columbia will remain in the hearts of the fans for a long time. The confidence that he posses while standing in front of the goal makes him exceptional. He always uses some mind games to confuse the players.

Emiliano Martinez was the missing piece for Argentina. When the team prepares for the World Cup, they need someone they can trust, and he is the one. Cometh the hour, cometh the man!