The expansion of Anfield

Liverpool fans have been watching on in horror so far this season and now VVD is down and out

Currently, the capacity of Liverpool FC‘s home stadium is around 53,000. In June, Liverpool City Council approved the club’s proposal for the expansion of the stadium. The plan is to expand the capacity on the Anfield Road Stand with 7000 more seats. After the development, the total capacity of the stadium will be more than 61,000. A louder Anfield by 2023-24 season. Seven thousand more chants of ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’ will vibrate throughout the stadium and the city of Liverpool.

The club halted the expansion plans earlier during various dates due to several problems. Last year it was paused when the pandemic hit the whole world. Last year, the club was also forced to change the constructions plan as the residents opposed the plans to close the local roads as part of the construction. Last September, the club officially confirmed through social media that the proposed expansion of the Anfield Road Stand will move forward.

The overall plans for the Anfield expansion started in 2014. In 2014, the club planned to expand the Main Stand by 8,300 seats and the Anfield Road Stand by 4,800. It was a 114 million pounds plan. The owners, Fenway Sports Group, provided the funds as an interest-free loan. That expansion was finished in 2016 with an increase in capacity from 45,500. This expansion generated an extra 20 million pounds per season. One of the main reasons for the expansion in 2014 was because some parts of the stadium were below the standards of UEFA and the English Premier League, which prevented the club from hosting bigger events.

The new expansion will cost around 60 million pounds. But now it is said that the construction costs will increase by another 20 million pounds as there are some changes in the development and restructuring plans. The club only started the project after reaching a position where they were sure for finishing it in the current financial situation. After the stadium’s expansion, Anfield will be the third-largest stadium in the Premier League by capacity behind Manchester United’s Old Trafford and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
The club has stated that the redevelopment will be the same as that of the Main Stand, where we will see an improvement in the hospitality facilities.

After finishing the expansion, the club is given permission to hold up to six concerts and major events at the stadium for five seasons to increase some funds. We will see a new Anfield, which will be louder from 2023 onwards. A louder Anfield means higher odds on Liverpool FC betting.