Earlier this year, in January, the football world went crazy when some pictures of Fernando Torres popped up in the media. There were reasons for the football fans to get excited after seeing those pictures. It was not the old Torres that the fans were familiar with. A new Torres with incredible muscle gains. He looked exactly like the comic book character Hulk. The former world cup champion stormed social media, and there was no rumour shortage around those images. A transformation moment from ‘El Nino to El Musculo’.

Torres retired from football in 2019 in the J-League. His retirement match was so emotional that he could play against his former Spanish teammates David Villa and Andres Iniesta. He played with the Japanese club Sagan Tosu for a short period.

When we look at those images that came in January, it’s pretty clear that Torres was spending his time in gyms to transform his body to a higher level. There was a massive transformation in his physique. The rumours went high related to the pictures. The fans were thinking about what might be the next stage in his career after retiring from football. Several fan-made stories were flowing through social media. But the situation got interesting when WWE on BT Sports tweeted about something related to his picture, and that tweet went viral. They tweeted about Torres getting ready for the Royal Rumble in WWE. It was just a tweet, but the fans took it over, and even the media confirmed that he would be in WWE as his next step in his career. But it was just a funny tweet.

Anyway, with that physique, it makes sense if Torres decided to participate in WWE. It would be enthralling to see a former football player in WWE. Maybe WWE should think of having former football players in WWE to attract more viewers to the event. If it happens, then the first person on everyone’s list will be Fernando Torres. Wrestling betting will be a no-brainer if Torres debuts in WWE.

Right now, the fans can stop dreaming about El Nino’s entry to the WWE because he decided to return to football not as a player but in the role of a manager. He came back to his childhood club Atletico Madrid. Last season he was part of Atletico’s different academy teams. This season he was appointed to manage Atlético Madrid Juvenil A.

Currently, his role is to guide the kids to be the best players for the future, just like how he came up through their academies. The 37-year-old has time to think about whether to take a break from football and try something different in his life. For that, WWE would be the perfect stage for the El Musculo.