FC Barcelona has consistently produced world-class midfielders through their well-renowned football academy: La Masia. Several players came through the academy’s ranks and played for the first team till the end of their careers. Some didn’t shined well but turned it around when played for other teams. Pep Guardiola, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Guillermo Amor were some of the best midfielders who spent more than a decade with their beloved team all through their ups and downs. Then there are some other players, Fabregas, who first left the club and then came back to taste the victory with Barca. But some players like Arteta, Luis Milla, Motta, Luis Garcia only succeed after leaving the academy of Barca. But during their playing career, they always tried to follow the values they learned from La Masia. The unique La Masian touch is always reflected in their playing style, character and success. Even when some of them turned to managers, they tried to teach the values to their players.

The past was bright, but now the present doesn’t look dull due to mismanagement of the previous board, debts. But the future of Barcelona’s midfield looks more radiant, and it gives hope for the fans. Do some La Liga betting when Barca comes back stronger.

The previous board always turned their heads when it came to giving chances to the young talents. They were only in favour of big signings. It had a backlash on the club. But now it’s changing when the members elected a new board. They assured the fans that La Masia would have the value it deserves.

This season Barca has given chances to many young players who deserved a chance. Fans were astonished to see the performances of the young players. Last year Pedri had the breakthrough season. Even if he is not from the academy, he has the playing style of Barca, and fans have started to compare him with the legend, Iniesta. He is the leading contender to win the Golden Boy award this season, and also now he is in the top 30 list of the Balon d’Or ranking. The two players who will have a breakthrough season with Barca will be Nico Gonzalez, son of former Spanish player Fran Gonzalez and the sensational talent Gavi, who was in the headlines in the last few days after the mesmerizing performance against Italy in the Nations League.

Nico is considered as the direct replacement for Busquets. The composure, vision and calmness that he keeps with the ball in his feet is impressive. His efficiency and intelligence on the pitch make him exceptional.

Gavi is already seen as a generational talent for Barca. He is a complete Barca player with all the qualities a midfielder should have. The maturity that he shows at the age of 17 is astonishing. He is a Spanish wonder kid for sure.

Barcelona will be hoping to reinforce their team with high-quality players for the future, and all three players will be an integral part. The fans will be dreaming of a combination of Nico-Gavi-Pedri, which resembles the most fabulous midfield combinations of all time: Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta.