Jose Mourinho finds something else to moan about


If you were to play a word association game with someone and shouted out Jose Mourinho’s name as a topic, there will be a number of words that will instantly be called out without a second’s fault.

Some will be rather positive, such as legend, world-class, ‘The Special One’, winner etc. whilst there will be many that will be rather negative such as ‘dinosaur’, ‘has-been’, ‘arrogant’, ‘Park the Bus’, ‘boring’, whilst others might not be safe for work to repeat… you get the picture, though.

There are, though, some who will suggest that another word that could fit expertly well with the Portuguese manager is ‘moaner’, as the experienced winner does have a tendency to moan about a lot of things, even if it is his fault. Hopefully, he will not be able to moan about the recommended casinos that can be used to win money!

In a video that has been placed on social media by AS Roma’s English account – an account that has managed to be a success within ‘Football Twitter’ over the years – Mourinho takes part in his own word association game and is asked a range of topics, from living in Italy to Italian food and language.

In a rather light-hearted video that aims to have some fun, he also speaks about Instagram, his music tastes and the video game, Fortnite. The Epic Games’ title, though, provides a rather great reaction from the manager, as he admits it is a ‘nightmare’.

Whilst the full video can be watched here, he says: “Fortnite is a nightmare. Football players stay up all night playing that s**t and they have a game the next day.”

AS Roma players would do well to ensure that they remain off the video games the night before they play a fixture, especially as Mourinho will be looking to have an instant impact at the Stadio Olimpico.

He replaced Paulo Fonseca as the new man in charge in Rome, but has already demanded time and patience regarding his job and role, as he referred to the previous regime.

He pointed to the fact that they were 16 points behind fourth, and that the first season might not be about trophies, but rather building the foundations in order to support title challenges in the next few years.

With Mourinho’s track record, though, if he wants to win something with AS Roma, he will want to do it in the first two seasons as he does not appear to stick around all that often when it is the third season.