It takes two to tango, so when Jose Mourinho is busy handing out criticism to footballers around the world, he better be prepared to be able to handle what is thrown back at him.

Of course, the Portuguese manager has always been a controversial figure at times, having self-proclaimed himself as ‘Special’ when he first arrived at Chelsea, before going on to do some rather ludicrous things on the touchline whilst at Real Madrid and Inter Milan, and returning to England’s Premier League and demanding respect as he was provided questions he did not like.

It would be fair to say AS Roma might not know exactly what type of Mourinho they will get when he does arrive, although those using sports betting sites in Finland such as will know that a winner will be in charge of the Stadio Olimpico outfit next season.

Other antics that the Portuguese manager is famous for is hitting out at his players and past players publicly, criticising them for issues such as trust, playing ability, weight and many other things.

However, what he may not have banked on is that his players would also hit back at him for what has been said in the past, with many of them deciding it would be best to retort rather than hold it in until their playing days are over.

Indeed, there are players from all positions that have felt the wrath of Mourinho’s sharp tongue, with PlanetFootball having listed and detailed all of the players involved and what they have said.

Iker Casillas is the only goalkeeper on the list of 15 players to have been provided, but it would not be a surprise if others were also to come out of the woodwork in the future.

Ricardo Carvalho, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, David Luiz, Danny Rose and Luke Shaw are just a handful of defenders that Mourinho has coached and seemingly had a problem with, but may not have expected them to react in the way that they did.

A midfield that features Paul Pogba, Henrikh Mkhitaryan (who he will team-up with again at AS Roma), Eden Hazard, Juan Mata and Kevin De Bruyne have all hit out at him following criticism thrown their way.

Samuel Eto’o, Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez are the forwards that have felt the wrath of Mourinho in the past, as well, but have stood up against him.

If you were to pick a squad of 15 players, that would not be a bad choice.