Jordan Teze 2019/2020 – scout report

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

In this tactical analysis, we’ll take a look at Jordan Teze, a promising young defender from PSV Eindhoven. He has been playing for Jong PSV most of the time but since last season he was promoted to the first-team squad and appear several times on the bench.

In the last season, he made two participations in the main squad entering and playing his first minutes. We will check his movements and skills in this scout report and how he can contribute to the professional team in the future.

Defence movements

Originally, Jordan Teze is a right-back with strength and good speed but he has played as a centre-back a few times. At 1.83m tall and long legs the player has a good sense of defence positioning and did well when asked to play in that position.

For the young PSV team in the Eerste Divisie, he played 11 matches with an average of 66 minutes per match played last season. In the victory against Excelsior by 2-1 on 27 January, we can take a look on his defence movements.

In this particular match, there were 21 duels with 75% of offensive duels won. He also had eight interceptions and no fouls committed. Devoted to the defence he has a good view of the game to anticipate movements. In the image below when the Excelsior forward makes the move to shoot on goal, Teze runs and gets in front of the small area to intercept the ball.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

One of his skills is to pressure the opponent and use his speed to attempt a tackle to retrieve the ball. In the image below we see him surrounding the opponent until there’s no more field to progress and engaged him. He ended up with the throw-in for his team.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

Jordan Teze is a strong player that is always looking to engage the opponent as quickly as he can. In the image below we can see another example. PSV played against Hertha for a friendly pre-season last week and Teze initiates the first goal of the match.

In the image below we can see the opponent’s attacker alone in the midfield. Teze then pressured the opponent with no foul and then Ihattaren retrieves the ball. Teze received the pass and give the ball to Rosario that moved forward to find former Arsenal player Doniel Mallen to score at that time.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics


Since he is a young player the decisions aren’t accurate yet when he’s being on the defensive movement. We see a few gaps when there’s a 1×1 confrontation with the opponent. In the image below we see that he tried to intercept the ball but making a wrong movement made him lose the opportunity to retrieve the ball. The opponent left him behind creating a scoring chance.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

In the main squad last season he had only two opportunities to show his game. One of these matches were against PEC Zwolle where PSV won by 4-1. Playing as right-back we can see in the image below another example of his youth and negative approach. He tried to engage too soon and ended up being left behind by the opponent.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

Particularly in the match against Zwolle Jordan had a few struggles with the actions in the defence. Despite the fact that PSV won the match his number in the first half weren’t that good. We can see in the chart below how many actions he lost especially in his defensive zone.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics


In the attack, Jordan Teze takes advantage of his speed to accelerate on the right side. With the team always compelling to be close he’s always making short safe passes to create attacking movements.

In the chart below we see how he managed his passes to the attacking players in the match against Zwolle. 11 passes were made to M. Ihattaren, R. Doan and I. Affelay combined. He made 38 passes with 82% of accuracy in this match.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

Using his large steps in the pitch he can quickly grow the attack transition when there’s space to do it. In the image below we can see him attacking the free space left by the opponent’s defence. He rapidly develops the play and goes for the dribbling.

Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

In this same match, PSV loses the first half making the turnaround in the second half. Jordan Teze had an important role in helping the team attacks. The match report shows 80% of forwarding pass accuracy in the second half. And 100% accurate passes in the final third of the field.

Moreover, Jordan Teze has attacking positioning importance when the team is fully pressuring the opponent. On the right side, he can be crucial for delivering crosses into the penalty area with assists for goals. In the image below we see him in action for the U21 Netherlands squad receiving the ball open wide and assisting Myron Boadu to score the first goal of the match.Jordan Teze 2019/20 - Scout Report Tactics

The match against Belarus U21 ended 7-0 to the Netherlands with Jordan Teze getting two assists to goals and contributing with 84% of accurate passes.


In this scout report, we showed the young PSV player will have to work hard this season to show his value in the team. Last season was promising with him showing qualities of defence that were noticed by the new coach Roger Schmidt and the manager will look to count on him in PSV’s attempt to dethrone Ajax as the top team in the Netherlands. 

He played three of the four friendly pre-season matches this season as centre-back. It’s expected that he can improve his speed and strength on 1×1 confrontation to present a better approach with that skill to not make any mistakes as we saw in this analysis.

The fact that he has a good expectation on the right side or in the centre back can guarantee more minutes in the first team this season. And with the speculation on Denzel Dumfries to AC Milan again, he certainly will be ready in case the opportunity comes sooner.