The Most Challenging Competitions in Football

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Whenever any sportsman achieves the feat of winning for their team or country, the ultimate prize, it changes their lives. In football, especially, winning a competition brings pride to the football club or even nation. Football is the most loved sport in the world, and therefore winning any tournament is a great accomplishment. Many reputable betting sites such as Intertops Casino Red have seen the potential in football. These casinos have incorporated football bets where you can bet on outcomes in the world’s best football leagues. The amazing thing is that today you can do live bets on the games.

Winning competitions define a footballer’s career, especially considering the highly competitive nature of football. Eleven players goings against eleven others to lift the prize is bound to raise adrenalin levels for everyone.

Additionally, with football, each win is essential as it leads to winning the competition overall. And although there’s a lot of tournaments all over the world, the prestige and hardiness of these tournaments vary. Because of this, there are many football players whose dreams are to participate in these specific tournaments.

The nature of these tournaments causes players and managers to give their best, thus giving football fans all over the world the best football entertainment. The more challenging and the higher the football competition’s stakes, the more the trophy means to the winner. Whether the tournaments are between clubs, international teams, or nations, here are some of the most challenging tournaments in football.

Copa America

This championship is the most prestigious and challenging in South America, as well as being one of the hardest in the world. It incorporates 12 nations from South America. Ten of them are CONMEBOL, while two are from other confederations.

These teams compete head-on in order to lift the prestigious continental trophy and become the best team in South America, a feat worth bragging about. Since 1993 the championship has been hosted in several countries with Argentina hosting most of Copa America. Currently, Brazil is the Copa America Champion after defeating Peru in the 2019 final.

However, Uruguay holds the most titles with 15 trophies in total. This championship is used to determine the best football nation in South America, and this alone makes the league incredibly difficult as everyone wants to prove that they are the best. As a South American footballer, winning Copa America is one of the highest honor that one could receive.

Being a winner also opens a chance for these footballers to compete against the best teams from all over the world. Teams that compete in Copa America from Chile to Argentina; play some of the most beautiful and flowing football in the world. The teams are incredibly competitive too.

Africa Cup of Nations

Officially known as African Cup of Nations (AFCON) or Coupe d’ Afrique des Nations (CAN), this is Africa’s leading international association football competition. The competition first took place in1957 and has been religiously held every two years since 1968.

Only Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan took part in this competition in the first year. The number had since risen to 24 in 2017. Currently, Algeria holds the CAN title after defeating Senegal by 1-0 in 2019. The most prosperous nation in Africa, Egypt, holds seven titles.

Since it’s inception, AFCON has grown to produce some of the best players on the planet. Seeing these players all come together to play for their nations is very thrilling; it also makes the competition very difficult, as everyone wants to be crowned as the African football giant. In 2019 many critics thought Ivory Coast would take the day until Zambia shattered their dreams in the finals and became the best team when it came to penalties.

Challenging this competition is that even qualifying for the competition is a daunting task for many African teams. For instance, Cameroon wasn’t part of the last competition after they performed dismally in the preliminary stages.

FIFA World Cup

Often referred to as the World Cup, this football tournament is held every four years among members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association(FIFA), which is the world’s football governing body. This cup involves the qualifying phase that is held in the three years preceding the main competition.

The qualification stages decide on the teams that are best prepared for the tournament. These teams plus the host nation, who is an automatic qualifier, make up 32 teams from all over the world. The teams them play against each other to win the World Cup.

France is the current holder of this title after beating Croatia in the 2018 finals. Brazil holds the most titles (5) and is the only team to have taken part in all the editions of this competition. Over a hundred teams go against each other to qualify, and these teams have the best players on the planet. The players play in some of the world’s best leagues, making this the most difficult and challenging competition in football.

These competitions push players to give their best shots in their matches. It also helps the players advance and discover their abilities and entertain billions of football fans from all over the world. The competitions are also remarkable events for football fans, where they get to see their favorite players show their prowess, and share in their achievements. Other challenging competitions include the UEFA Championship as well as Bundesliga.