Goals Galore: Technique Tips For Ball Striking

Tomáš Souček 2019/20 - scout report tactical analysis tactics
Souček getting his second goal for the game after a rebound [Credit: Wyscout]

Soccer is one of the biggest up and coming sports in Australia and it’s easy to see why. It’s fast-paced and skilled nature makes it great to watch and play and has young people all over the world aspiring to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Abby Wambach. Soccer can also be a great addition to other more traditional sports such as cricket and AFL as it improves agility, speed and power for all who play. With many grassroots clubs developing all over the country it’s becoming easier for people of all ages to get involved and give it a go. So, if you’ve got the soccer bug and want to work on your technique, continue reading to find out exactly how to practice like a pro a prefect that strike.

Soccer Goals

Investing in soccer goals for your garden or outdoor space can be the difference between flying high and failing. It will allow you to track your progression when it comes to accuracy and power and help you determine your areas for improvement. When getting your technique down to a tee having the goal will help you easily see if your shots are on target and allow you room to tweak your strike so you’ll know for sure that it’s landing right down the middle. These goals can be purchased for as little as $29.99 and pop up and fold away so they’re easy to store and assemble. This means there’s no excuse for skipping practice as you’ll always have your goal at hand; the perfect soccer partnership.

Technique Tips

Being able to control and accurately kick the soccer ball is the most important thing you’ll learn for on the pitch, and it is a trickier skill to master than most people think. Most players don’t receive formal training on this aspect of the game as they join clubs having already attempted to teach themselves. But, if you follow this information and take it step by step then you’ll already be several strides ahead of everyone else.

First and foremost, assess the space around you to determine where you want the ball to go. This may take a while at first but will begin to come naturally and happen a lot quicker as you continue to practice and spend more time on the field.

Then focus completely on the ball. Forget the defenders or any other external factor, your whole attention should be on the ball when you finally strike it and this will improve your accuracy and power.

You also need to consider what the rest of your body is doing the split second before you kick. The placement of your non-kicking foot will have a huge impact on the trajectory of the ball so make sure it’s pointing in the direction you want your strike to travel, this will help with momentum.

Last but not least, consider your arms. Swinging your arms fluidly whilst completing the kicking motion will increase your balance and therefore improve your power and accuracy.

Practicing these techniques individually before putting them together will help you master this complex skill more quickly. No one said becoming a soccer star who sets goal-scoring records would be easy.

Join A Club

Once you’ve got to grips with the fundamentals and you’ve practiced these at home it’s time to join a club and show off your new-found talents. There are more and more grassroots soccer clubs emerging and providing good quality level soccer to local people who have a passion for the sport.


Now you know everything there is to know about mastering the perfect strike, what’s stopping you from grabbing your soccer boots and heading straight to your local club to make new friends, get fit and have fun.