5 Betting Tips For Football Lovers

Bruno Santos 2019/20 - scout report tactical analysis tactics
Bruno Santos does well to stay close to his opponent and uses his body very well to recover possession.

Instructions from professional bettors: how to bet on football

Online football betting is a great option for those who love sports and want to make money on it. But the betting world may seem too complicated for beginners, as they make the most common mistakes. To do this, we have collected proven tips from the pros on how to bet on football.

Any bettor can find a huge number of options for betting at betting shops. As you may have noticed, football bets are particularly popular. They are easy to predict, bookmakers often assign good odds and a wide line to them. With a professional approach, you can make good money on such bets. So, let’s look at how to do it right.

Football betting guidelines

Also, each bookmaker has its line of odds and betting types, but there they show as literally as possible what each indicator means. For instance:

  • Home win
  • Both will score
  • Dry victory
  • When will the first goal be scored
  • Number of corners
  • Full-Time Result
  • Total Goals, (Under/Over)
  • The half time or Full Time
  • First Goal Scorer
  • Scorecast
  • Asian Handicap Betting (AH)

Such opportunities should not be ignored, because the odds on them are sometimes simply knocked down, even when the winnings on the main outcome are quite small.

Total: what is it and how to properly bet on it

In addition to the main well-known types of bets “Victory of the first team” (V1), “Victory of the second team” (V2), “Draw” (X), there are a huge number of other additional outcomes for the match. Each betting office has total bets.

What is it and how to bet on totals? In this case, total means limiting, that is, the number of goals scored differently from a given indicator. The total can be more or less, as well as decimal and integer.

The most popular total in football betting is considered to be 2.5. This means that with a total of less than 2.5, two will be scored in the match, one goal or no goal at all. Total over 2.5 means that goals will be from 3 inclusive.

Live betting on football

What are the live bets, advantages, and disadvantages of those? Live betting is an opportunity to bet already during the game, that is, in online broadcasting. Perhaps not all transactions are available for the coupon, but the remaining odds change in real-time and allow you to immediately bet on small outcomes or play safely in case of a risky pre-launch call. Lack of ‘lives’ can be called a possible violation of confidence in the right choice before the start of a sporting event.

What you need to know about match prediction

Many beginner bettors are looking for ready-made predictions for football matches, believing that the opinions of others will become a magic wand. Moreover, players are looking for forecasts for free, but from professionals, in places that are simply mutually exclusive concepts.

First of all, each player must understand that any information regarding the outcome of future matches is distributed only for review and analysis. Using the forecast for a specific match, you can either verify your own opinion or notice a nuance that was not previously looked for inclusion in analytics. Most often, directly on the website of bookmakers, there is a separate column ‘News’ or ‘Forecasts’, which describes upcoming events and probable outcomes.

5 Pro Tips for Football Betting

  1. Without knowledge about the general history of specific sports teams, the outcome of sports betting will be extremely random. Then making money on bets will be just a game in a casino where you can win, but then lose everything again. Therefore – study statistics! At least teams in those matches that you intend to bet.
  2. Know how to analyze! Look for more information! Don’t think that the games in which the team suddenly won or somehow suddenly lost are just a miracle. This isn’t true. Most often, such an event is preceded by news from the world of sports, where, for example, a football player (the most powerful attacking team) fell ill, or the composition of the team for the current event is completely inexperienced and so on. Don’t just scoop up information, but learn to put it into practice.
  3. Much also depends on the bookmaker, especially when you play on live bets. We will not once again recall those bookmakers who generally provide services in bad faith. Now we’re only talking about legal bookmakers. So, when a bet needs to be made right now, it will be very unpleasant when the website freezes or the coupon isn’t received on time, but just a second chance in the odds can be very annoying. Bottom line: we choose an official bookmaker, Parimatch with a convenient, intuitive interface, fast website and high rates with a minimum commission.
  4. Don’t be afraid of large odds – this isn’t an accurate indicator. It often happens that the leader of a match loses to a secondary team, on which the odds were more than 40. And those who analyzed, studied, and weighed the odds could earn on bets, and even on the most elementary one – by winning one of them.
  5. Creating coupons – insure yourself if you aren’t sure about the outcome. Let bets in different coupons seem contradictory, but by doing so they will help, at a minimum, save your funds, and more often, increase them. Good luck to you and a decent profit!


Approach betting wisely, using the advice of experienced players, then betting on online football will be a great way to earn money. Indeed, such bets in most cases will turn out to be successful.