Exciting football fixtures in modern football


The level of modern football has increased significantly. Compared to previous seasons, the game has become even more energetic, brighter and more dynamic. It is especially interesting to monitor football fixtures of championships of the top-5 countries (England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany), but besides them, other leagues deserve attention, too: the Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina, and Brazil. The army of fans of these tournaments is constantly growing. Do not forget about the Champions League and Europa League – the best teams fight for the main trophies here, gathering full stadiums during matches and millions of fans in front of their TV screens.

The Spanish championship have particularly exciting fixtures football – La Liga has long been in the shadow of the English Premier League, but recently its popularity has seriously increased thanks to the extraordinary performances of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico and Seville. It is these teams that continue to brilliantly represent the country in European competitions, being their favourites.

New season: latest La Liga scores and prospects of a new champion

In recent years, Barcelona has dominated the Spanish Championship – the team has been quite confident in playing for a long time, occasionally letting other clubs in for trophies. In the new season, La Liga scores are encouraging already at the start, because the favourites of the tournament have not yet been fully disclosed, as the clubs are constantly losing points. The rest of the clubs try to squeeze the maximum out of each match in order to occupy high places in the tournament table.

Despite an interesting beginning, the continuation should be even better – the gap between the teams is small, and at the top of the standings is trio of giants: Real, Barcelona and Atletico. While the top teams were slow to start the season, even Granada managed to occupy the leading position – the modest team in the offseason strengthened quite well, having managed to beat Barcelona. The Catalan club had almost no chance in that match.

The new format of the Spanish Super Cup should also be interesting, where 4 teams will decide the fate of the trophy:

  • Barcelona
  • Real;
  • Atletico;
  • Valencia.

Espanyol failed the start of the season – it is unclear what the team lacks, but many experts explain the poor results by playing in the Europa League, and the depth of the lineup is not enough for a full-fledged struggle on several fronts at once. But these are scores of La Liga of only the first matches, there is still a long way ahead of the participants that can put everything in its place. Fans expect a tough fight from their favourites, as well as spectacular football in each of the matches.