The most interesting Liverpool fixtures

Liverpool's Gergging pressing style

In the starting rounds of the new football season, Liverpool looks almost stronger and more interesting than everyone else in the English Premier League. This helped the team to confidently start the tournament and immediately demonstrate their champion ambitions. However, the final place of the team depends on all Liverpool fixtures.

The start of the new Premier League season turned out to be glorious for Jurgen Klopp’s team, because they were head and shoulders stronger than their opponents, regardless of their class and status. It can be seen that the Reds are in good shape and are seriously expected to compete for the title of the strongest team in England. Last season, they were only 1 point behind Manchester City and this time clearly intend to change the situation in their favour, which they began to demonstrate from the very first rounds.

The confident start of the team in the new season added optimism to the fans, who now expect to see their favourites on top of the standings. Whether the team will be there depends entirely on Liverpool fixtures results. It is worth noting that Klopp’s squad has matches against almost all of the main competitors ahead of them, because in the starting rounds the team met only with Arsenal out of the top-6 teams, and confidently beat it 3:1. Moreover, the Gunners actually had no chance of a positive result in that match, since the Merseysiders were very strong.

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Despite the fact that in the summer the team actually didn’t make any acquisitions, it became stronger due to the better teamwork of the players, as well as the experience gained. This year, the Merseysiders will be focused specifically on the Premier League, because they already dominated in the Champions League last season.

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The current season is very eventful and stressful for the Reds. It can be seen that the team is at its peak. Many leaders are in their prime, so when else, if not now, should they win trophies?

Keeping track of the fate of Jurgen Klopp’s players in various competitions is easy thanks to the fscores data. The German coach himself also does not hide the fact that he wants to finally help the club finish in the first position, because the last time it became the champion was back in 1990. It is possible that the current lineup is quite capable of returning the Reds to the top.