Latest transfer news of Serie A matches


One of the main newsmakers of Serie A matches is Inter’s striker Mauro Icardi, who wants to move to Juventus. Therefore, he refuses offers from other clubs.

Inter has already agreed to give the attacker to Roma in exchange for Dzeko and forty-five million euros, but the player himself does not agree to this option. Mauro also rejected Napoli’s offer.

Another striker of the matches of Serie A, Romelu Lukaku, moved to Inter Milan. The Black and Blues signed a famous striker for 80 million euros for a period of five years. Lukaku will be able to replace Icardi, who is in conflict with the club.

777 score: Liverpool won the European Super Cup

Liverpool won the UEFA Super Cup for the fourth time in its history, defeating another English team, Chelsea. All details can be found on the 777 score website.

Chelsea began the first half well and sometimes even dominated the opponent. Frank Lampard’s team play fast and attacking football. Liverpool’s defenders looked incompetent and regularly made mistakes, including the defence leader Van Dijk.

In the 36th minute, one of Chelsea’s attacks finally culminated in a goal – the young player of the Blues – midfielder Pulisic – gave a perfect pass to Giroud, who broke away from his opponents and sent the ball into the net. Liverpool for the first half was carried away – the Reds didn’t manage to keep the ball for a long and play it quickly. In the second half, the team of Jurgen Klopp managed to seize the initiative.

From the first minutes, the Reds went ahead and accelerated the pace, constantly threatening the gates of Kepa. Thanks to this, literally three minutes after the beginning of the half, Liverpool equalized the score in the match. The goalkeeper of the Blues took the hit. However, the ball bounced to Mane, who easily forwarded it to the net.

After that, Liverpool finally seized the initiative and began to carry out dangerous attacks over and over again. The Merseysiders did not hold the ball in the middle of the field, but immediately tried to move it forward.

Chelsea’s game, on the contrary, fell apart. Occasionally, the Londoners managed to make quick switches to the attack, but most of the time they were in defence.

Liverpool failed to step forward, although it was close to this – Kepa’s performance was reliable. In the last fifteen minutes, the opposing teams have noticeably decreased their attacks. They acted cautiously, keeping an eye on their gates and attacked with small forces, fearing to miss a counterattack. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the main and added time of the match, the score did not change and they had to proceed to two additional 15 minutes, the statistics of which can be viewed at the 777 score.

At the 95th minute, Mane excelled again, when he had a great shot in the far nine. Six minutes later, a penalty was awarded to Chelsea, which was perfectly executed by Jorginho.

In the second additional half, the fans didn’t enjoy goals – the players of both teams were tired and rarely created dangerous moments. During the penalty shootout, all players scored confidently, except for Chelsea’s striker Tammy Abraham – he hit extremely unsuccessfully. Hadrian cleared the ball, bringing Liverpool victory in the UEFA Super Cup.