Will Jurgen Klopp leave Liverpool in 2022?


Everyone at Liverpool can be proud of what the players, coaches and a certain manager manged to achieve last season. The long wait came to an end as Jurgen Klopp managed to bag himself his first trophy as Liverpool manager. The Liverpool owners are eager to extend Klopp’s contract. Many would feel it is justified that winning the Champions League has led the owners to believe that the club is slightly dependent on the German at this moment in time. But in reality, there is a chance that the club feels Klopp may simply need more time to successfully fulfil any promises he has made to the club and the fans.

Klopp has given various responses to the possibility of a new contract extension. From saying he wants to see out his career at Liverpool to floating the possibility of taking a year off upon his contract expiring. It is widely agreed that it would be in Liverpool’s best interest to have the German sign another contract extension.

Most football fans do not normally compare Liverpool to big money spenders like Manchester City or Manchester Utd. However, Liverpool have handed Klopp with the ability to go out and spend as much money as he wants…clearly it has paid off. But to the owners, hundreds of millions will seem too much if you’re just getting one trophy in return.

Klopp has managed to finally get his team to such a standard that Liverpool is now capable of competing with any side in the world. The owners will be fully aware that if they are ever going to get a solid return on their investment, it will be within the next few years. Klopp may have won the crown jewel of club football, but some managers have got much bigger trophy cabinets. Simply put, Klopp has not earned delivered anything more than Rafa Benitez.

The German may claim that entertainment and passion is the most important thing, but to the owners, it is quite the opposite. They will feel that Klopp is due them more success, mainly in the Premier League. Liverpool are in a unique situation where their fans would probably value a Premier League title over European success. Klopp must deliver what the club has been missing for the longest time in order to justify all the backing he has received.

This current squad get talked about as if they have achieved something that separates them from the other great Liverpool sides. The best Liverpool sides knew how to win bragging rights over the whole of England, right now those rights belong to Man City. Klopp must overturn Pep Guardiola’s domestic dominance and return a league title to Anfield. If he can do that, then it will have been money well spent.

Nevertheless, Jurgen Klopp has brought enormous success to the club. The hard work needed to do what he has done may have driven Klopp to the point of exhaustion. No doubt, Klopp will wish to fulfil every expectation of himself before he leaves Liverpool, however, the world-class manager may prioritise his needs over his wants. Shortly after winning the Champions League, much controversy sparked due to a lack of contract extension negotiations between Liverpool and Klopp.

The Liverpool boss made it clear that he is certain that he will see out the rest of his contract. This ensures that Klopp will remain at the club until 2022 but does not shed light on what he plans to do at the end of his contract. More worryingly for Liverpool fans was the idea concocted by Klopp that would see him take a sabbatical. Saying you need a holiday is not very noteworthy, but the fact that Kopp understands that his job wouldn’t be there when he gets back does raise some eyebrows.

It must also be said that when Jurgen Klopp was rallying Borussia Dortmund to Bundesliga titles, it was hard to envision him managing another team. The possibility for the German manager to make another blockbuster move is still very much on the cards. Given that he has not signed a new contract with Liverpool does suggest that he is in the process of weighing up all his options.