Arsenal disrespect Celtic and Crystal Palace in pursuit of transfers


Since the opening of the summer transfer window, Arsenal has repeatedly stated that they only have a budget of £45million. It is no surprise that Arsenal have their eyes on fresh new talent for the season ahead. What is surprising is the fact that they have targeted big names that would cost a pretty penny. The Gunners plan to secure top players doesn’t seem very realistic given the fact they have such little financial resources.

A lack of funds hasn’t stopped Arsenal from chancing their arm. In an attempt to add to their attacking and defensive options, Arsenal has approached Celtic and Crystal Palace. And it must be said that Arsenal hasn’t covered themselves in glory during their pursuit of new talent.

Season after season, Arsenal fans wait for the unlikely reality that sees their club sign a top-class defender. But like many clubs this season, Arsenal have their eyes on Kieran Tierney. The young but experienced full-back is attracting interest from all around Europe. Not only do Arsenal have to fight off competition for Tierney, but they must entice him to leave his boyhood team. Given the situation, it was expected that Celtic was about to receive a monumental offer that would greatly surpass any transfer offer they have ever received.

Unbelievably, Arsenal decided to try and tempt Celtic with a mere £15million offer. This offer highlighted the lack of respect Arsenal has for the SPFL. If Kieran Tierney was already in the English Premier League, Arsenal wouldn’t hesitate to offer twice that amount. It is fair to say that Celtic didn’t have much to consider. The offer was rejected almost immediately.

An improved offer was expected to arrive. And within a few days, Arsenal submitted a second offer which was much closer to Celtic’s valuation of the player. Arsenal was willing to pay a fee of £25million for Kieran Tierney…sort of. After a deeper inspection of the offer, Celtic discovered that the fee was actually £17million with roughly £8million in add-ons. With the somewhat deceptive nature of Arsenal’s second offer, it seems as if Celtic have had enough of the Premier League side testing their luck.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon was asked if he expects a third bid and if the talks are still ongoing.

“The deal as far as I’m aware, is not happening,” said Lennon.
“As far as I am aware, it is finished. I don’t know if Arsenal are going to meet our valuation. So, it is basically as you were.”

Arsenal had the opportunity to acquire a fantastic young left-back. Celtic were open to discussions, but Arsenal decided to try and get him on the cheap. And as surprising as it may be, Arsenal hasn’t acted foolishly only once this transfer window…but twice.

With Alexis Sanchez leaving and the quality of Mesut Ozil’s former self now gone, Arsenal are on the search for a new superstar. In a search for the very best the Premier League has to offer, Wilfried Zaha became the Gunners’ prime target.

Before placing a bid, Arsenal would have had to consider just how good Zaha is. His consistency is second to none, he has experience playing against the top sides in England and his loyalty cannot be matched. The level of devotion he has given to Crystal Place will rightfully increase the valuation the club puts on him. Shockingly Crystal Palace received a bid of just £40million, which is £10million less than which they recently sold Aaron Wan-Bissaka for. This looks like a complete choke considering Palace value their star man around £80million.

There is no other way to look at it, that was an offensive offer. Arsenal clearly has not acknowledged the loyalty Zaha possesses for Palace. In reality, Wilfried Zaha would probably be disappointed with the offer himself. Given his affection for his current club, it is unlikely that he would want to leave Palace with less money than they deserve. Once again Arsenal found themselves being quickly rejected.

It has been very apparent over the last few weeks that Arsenal was betting on the less financially equipped teams to not stand up for themselves. Neither Celtic nor Palace were intimidated by the big boys and have announced that they cannot be taken advantage of.

This leaves Arsenal in a very awkward situation. Everyone doing business with the London club will be aware that they will drive a hard bargain. If Arsenal wants top players then they will have to pay top dollar.