Why is everyone moving to Juventus?

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It has been somewhat accepted that the most effective way of adding quality to a squad is by spending as much money as possible on new players. Almost every top tier side in European football structures their signing policy around this belief. Although certain clubs opt to focus their spending on their youth development; rare occasions when they go into the marketplace usually ends with them dumping a whole lot of cash on a player of un-unique talent. In an era of increased spending, Juventus is the only club that has managed to beat the system.

Their current techniques in the transfer market are not new. Juventus have managed to acquire world-class players for next to nothing, whilst breaking transfer records, for the past 30 years. The clear strategy that Juventus do business by, is to obtain the signatures of world class players that are out of a contract. Once conducting business intelligently, Juventus will break the bank on a superstar with the money they have saved over a few years.

We have seen this financial strategy work wonders. Many Juventus icons were acquired in this unique way. Legends of the club, Fabio Cannavaro and Andrea Barzagli, were approached at the end of their contracts. Barzagli cost the Italian giants a mere £300,000 whilst Cannavaro joined for free. On the other end of the spectrum, history has shown Juventus are willing to open their wallets when they purchased Gianluigi Buffon for a record fee of €52million.

In the more recent years, we have seen the likes of Dani Alves and Paul Pogba make the move to Turin, costing The Old Lady absolutely nothing. It bargains like those that have allowed Juventus to make superstar signings in the form of Gonzalo Higuaín and Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus’s strategy is simple but effective. What is less understood is why great players are willing to run out their contract or wait for a massive offer to be placed in order to play for the historic club.

Now more than ever, Juventus are managing to persuade some of the worlds finest to make the move to Turin. Financial intelligence is how they can afford the players…but how do they encourage the players to make such a big change? Whether free or expensive, players from all over the globe are attracted to what Juventus have to offer. In this years’ summer transfer window, Juventus are showing they can entice top players to Turin.

Aaron Ramsey

Being in frequent contact with the Welshman before the transfer window officially opened, it was agreed that Aaron Ramsey would join The Bianconeri at the end of his contract with Arsenal. After spending years at a side that have been deprived of major honours for several years, Juventus offers Ramsey the chance to play with serial winners. Silverware is the only thing that is lacking for Ramsey and the Serie A champions isn’t a bad place to look for more trophies. With the general feeling that Arsenal may never get back to their best, it certainly makes the move to a side that is on the up far more appealing. Ambition is not new for anyone in the Juventus squad so Ramsey should fit right in.

Adrien Rabiot

Endless media controversy surrounded the relationship between PSG and Adrien Rabiot. The conflict he faced with his former French side was the reason for his departure. Once again, Juventus were quick to spot an opportunity as they acquired their second free transfer of the window as they calmly waited for Rabiot’s contract to expire. From one giant to another. Adrien Rabiot will once again have his eyes on the Champions League. PSG’s efforts for European success are on a downward spiral, whereas Juventus are now going all out to win the illustrious trophy. Rabiot’s ambition for domestic success has been achieved, however, Juve may be the club to bring him continental glory.

Matthijs de Ligt

Just as planned, Juve are set to pile up all their money for one big summer move. Matthijs de Ligt is easily the greatest young defender in the world. With bags of talent and individual leadership qualities, it is obvious why the Italian giants are after him. De Ligt had the opportunity to take to the field with the Juve players last season when his goal saw Ajax eliminate the Serie A champions in the Champions League. But it was his matchup with Portugal that has made this transfer a very likely one.

After defeating the Netherlands and De Ligt in the Nations League final, Cristiano Ronaldo asked the young defender to join him at Juventus. Later describing how he always idolised Ronaldo growing up, De Ligt has hinted that Turin is his preferred destination. With interest from PSG and Manchester United, De Ligt has valued the chance to play at Juventus greater than the rest. Other than Ronaldo, there are many experienced legends still playing at the club. The likes of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci are masters of their craft. If De Ligt wants to learn how to defend then Turin is where to do it.

Maurizio Sarri

Just like signing players, Juventus are very organised when bringing in new managers. Traditional, proven and tough is what it takes to be the big boss at The Old Lady. Having managed Juventus’s closest rivals, Napoli, it was not certain that Maurizio Sarri would make the move back to Italy. However, the temptation was too strong. The opportunity to manage the biggest team in Italy and fight for the Champions League. The opportunity to manage one of the greatest players ever in Cristiano Ronaldo. Sarri started at the very bottom and now he has reached the top. Only a club like Juventus could match his hunger for glory.

Will the hard work pay off?

Although each individual signing may have their own reasons for joining Juventus, the clubs’ ambitions are very clear. Juventus seek to become a global brand like Real Madrid and Manchester United. The blockbuster signings are only the first step. Juventus has their eye on the Champions League. And if successful in their quest for glory, then you can be sure that even more superstars will want to be playing their football in Turin.