The most controversial footballers of all time


Over the years, there have been many controversial footballers from around the world who have made a big impact on football fans. Whether these footballers have dealt with scandal in their personal life or have caused problems on the pitch, people remember them and will for a long time.

Here, we are going to look at some of the most controversial footballers of all time. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Look At Controversial Players?

Before we get started, we thought we’d have a look at why controversial players are important. The main reason that people pay attention to controversial players is that you can actually make some money out of their actions. When it comes to football betting, you can place a bet on red cards, penalties and much more – so who better to focus on than those who might make these things happen?

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is an extremely popular player due to his incredible goalscoring ability. Of course, this player has also seen a lot of controversies when he has been on the pitch. Some of his most controversial moments include stopping a goal with his hands in the 2010 World Cup, biting other players and racially abusing Patrice Evra. Despite his flaws, fans still appreciate his ability as a footballer.

John Terry

Chelsea defender John Terry also makes our list as he has been involved with everything from racially abusing other football players to fighting with players on the same team as him. Some of his most controversial moments include racially abusing Queen’s Park Rangers’ player Anton Ferdinand which ended up with a court case which he was not penalised for in the end.

Eric Cantona

Next on our list of the most controversial footballers of all time is Eric Cantona who was one of the first international superstars of the Premier League. This player was involved in a famous kung-fu kick at Crystal Palace which saw him banned for eight months. Other controversial events included him insulting his coach, tearing off his shirt and throwing a ball at a referee.

Diego Maradona

Finally, you might have heard of Diego Maradona who is one of the greatest footballers of all time but also has a lot of controversy surrounding him. This player was involved in the ‘hand of God’ incident that surprised the whole world and the opposition. He was also sent home from the 1994 World Cup for being tested positive for a banned substance which ended his football career internationally. If that wasn’t enough for Maradona, this player was also suspended for cocaine abuse and ruined his career.

These players were all incredible football players, but they had their fair share of controversy. It was always interesting seeing them step onto the pitch and wondering what they were going to get up to. Make sure to keep an eye on the current controversial players and make your guess at who might end up with a red card or even a yellow card during the next match.