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What is Serie A?

Serie A is the name of the top Italian football league that existed since 1898; the winner has been awarded a Scudetto.

When the league was established, it included 18 football teams; however, since then, it has decreased and expanded several times from 16 to 21 clubs as maximum (since 2004-2005, there has been decided to involve 20 teams in the race for Serie A trophy.

18 clubs: 1929–1934
16 clubs: 1934–1943
20 clubs: 1946–1947
21 clubs: 1947–1948
20 clubs: 1948–1952
18 clubs: 1952–1967
16 clubs: 1967–1988
18 clubs: 1988–2004
20 clubs: 2004–present

The top four teams in the Italian top-tier are qualified for the Champions League, and the teams that are placed 5-7 will also get the chance to play in European competitions.
Since 2006-2007 the three teams placed at the bottom of the table have been relegated to the second division in Italy, Serie B.

Serie A was the world’s best national league in 2020 according to IFFHS and is ranked 3rd among European competitions. According to UEFA’s league coefficient, only La Liga and Premier League are ahead of it.

Who are the traditional favourites to win Serie A?

Juventus have dominated the Serie A in recent years; they have managed to claim ninth straight Scudetto. However, last season Inter Milan were in fantastic form all year and were crowned as the champions of Italy.

Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan are teams that start every season to claim the Serie A trophy at the end of the day.

The most successful team is Juventus with 36 Serie A titles, followed by Inter Milan 19 and AC Milan 18.

Pundits from La Gazzetta dello Sport predicted that they would be the main candidates to compete for the trophies, AC Milan planning to splash money this summer and strengthen their squad both offensively and defensively, Juventus have sacked Andrea Pirlo after failed 2020/21 season and expected to make changes, for Inter Milan main goal will be to keep Romelu Lukaku at the club as he played a vital role in their success last season.

Latest Odds to Win 2020/21 Serie A
Juventus +115
Inter Milan +225
AC Milan +1100
Atalanta +1300
Napoli +1300
Roma +1500
Lazio +4000
Fiorentina +35000
Sassuolo +35000
Bologna +100000
Cagliari +100000
Hellas Verona +100000
Sampdoria +100000
Torino +100000
Udinese +100000
Empoli +200000
Genoa +200000
Spezia +200000
Salernitana +450000
Venezia +450000

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