The performance of Malmo FF in UCL

Artwork by @chapulana.

Malmo FF is the only club from Sweden to participate in this season’s UEFA Champions League. It is one of the best clubs in Sweden, which has a great history in European matches and is the only Scandinavian football club in history to reach the Champions League final. In the 1978-79 season in Munich, they lost 1-0 to Nottingham Forest. After that, they haven’t repeated that kind of success. In the 20th century, the team was more robust in the European Leagues, but they slowly disintegrated as a weaker team when it came to the next century.

Malmo has played for 18 seasons in the Champions League, in which they played 87 matches. Out of those, they won 31 games in total. The number of games played in the Europa League is less than the UCL. In UEL, they have played 80 games in 17 seasons. Out of which, they have won 34 matches. Their win percentage in Europa League is better than the Champions League. They haven’t been able to progress to the next round in the Champions League in any of the seasons in the 21st century. But in the Europa League, they advanced to the round of 32 in two seasons. But lost all the games and didn’t progress.

Let’s take a look at Malmo’s this season’s performances in the UCL. They were drawn to group H with Juventus, Chelsea and Zenit. A formidable group for a team like Malmo. The football pundits already wrote off the chances of them progressing to the next round. After finishing three games, they are sitting at the bottom of the table with zero points.
Malmo’s first match was against Juventus, where they lost by three goals. The team had no answer when the Italians dominated the game for ninety minutes. But in Sweden, Scandinavian football betting is having better odds on Malmo.

In the second match against Zenit, it was more complicated for the Swedish club. They lost the game four goals, and also, one of their players was sent off. The third match against Chelsea was much more challenging than the previous two. When they faced Chelsea in Stamford Bridge, they were thrashed by four goals with a dominating performance from the Blues.

Malmo is having a disastrous season in the UCL this season. They haven’t scored a single goal in three games and conceded eleven goals.

In papers, Malmo has already been out of the tournament after three consecutive losses. They have to win all three games for progress, and it will also depend on the other results. But looking at the current form, they have no chances to progress to the knockout stages.