Fati vs Vinicius – The new era of El Clasico


No Messi, no Ronaldo, no Ramos. The El Clasico will be played without these football legends for the first time in 14 years. After Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus, the fans were not disappointed as both teams’ captains were still in the clubs. They always tried to keep the standards high as it was before in the previous El Clasicos. Ramos and Messi were seen as the eternal rivals of football, and the fans of both clubs were sure that they would retire from football by playing for their club. But it’s not what has happened, as everyone knows. Life would have been very dull if everything had happened as we wanted to. Football betting would have been tedious if we know what will happen next.

The departure of Messi and Ramos was a shock to all the football fans. Even as rivals, the fans respected them both very much. When the fans heard about the competitors playing together, the media went crazy. A few years back, everyone would have laughed if someone said about Messi and Ramos playing together.

Now it’s without the legends. The absence of many great players directs to one factor that it is time for the new era to take it up and fight like warriors. The leading two players from both sides who can take over the prestigious El Clasico is Ansu Fati and Vinicius Junior. Both of them are currently considered the best youngsters in the world. The stats also show us that they are ready to take over.

It will be challenging for the youngsters to fill the shoes that the legends left. But they must fulfil the standards of the upcoming El Clasicos. Fans need some new superstars as the heroes of El Clasico.

Ansu Fati will be rejoicing the return after a long term injury. He will face Real Madrid in his sixth game after returning. The Spanish sensation has already broken the record of being the youngest player to score in El Clasico. He achieved it in the last season at Camp Nou. Till that, the record was with Vinicius. Ansu is also the second-youngest player in the history of El Clasico to score a goal.

The Brazilian Vinicius Jr. is currently on the form of his life. He has already scored five goals and has provided two assists. His combination with Benzema is a threat to all the opponents.

Vinicius was criticized for his defects in finishing. His quality was inferior in that compartment. But slowly, he improved, and that’s what we see this season with Vinicius.

These two young talents are the face of El Clasico in this decade. Their performances will have a significant influence on how El Clasico grows much more in the future.