Rob Green labels five Premier League goalkeepers as ‘world-class’


Rob Green has revealed that he believes there are five goalkeepers currently playing in the Premier League that could be labelled with the tag of being called ‘world-class’.

The former shot-stopper-turned-pundit played for a number of football clubs throughout his career in England’s top division and also managed to represent England on a number of occasions, including at some big events such as the FIFA World Cup.

Of course, on the list of clubs that he has represented teams such as Norwich City, West Ham United and Chelsea – although he did not play for the Blues in top-flight action.

Interestingly, he does not believe current Blues ‘keeper Edouard Mendy is deserving of the world-class tag, despite Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer belief that the Senegal international is.

Names on his list of world-class goalkeepers currently playing in the Premier League include Hugo Lloris, David De Gea, Ederson, Alisson and Kasper Schmeichel. All but the Frenchman can lay claim to a Premier League winners medal, however Lloris can boast that he is a FIFA World Cup winner.

‘Hugo Lloris has done it for years now. This is the thing with goalkeepers, they have good times and bad times,’ Green told Stadium Astro.

‘Hugo Lloris had his turn in the barrel, he had people questioning him left, right and centre… David de Gea has been questioned right now.

‘What they do is they come back and they come back for years and that’s a big thing. They’ve done it over a period of years.

‘So I’m looking at those guys and you look around elsewhere at someone like Ederson who’s changed the face of goalkeeping and Alisson who has also been so consistent for Liverpool.’

Green does have some high praise for Leicester City’s Schmeichel, though, as he believes the Denmark international and son of the legendary Peter is overlooked and does not quite get the praise he perhaps deserves.

‘But for me one person who has slipped under the radar for all these years is Kasper Schmeichel. He’s won the Premier League, they’re up there again this season,’ he added.

‘He has his way of doing things. He’s a consistent ‘keeper now. Those guys I’ve mentioned, I’d throw Kasper Schmeichel into the mix as well because he’s managed to evolve his game.

‘He came around playing first-team football when I was still playing and we’d play against him, he’s managed to change his game also learn about his game and become more mature.

‘So you talk about what’s world-class, it’s about the consistency of performances, it’s about not making many mistakes and also about just having that aura.

‘I think he’s one in there amongst those we’ve mentioned. It’s a small group but they’re worth having in your team by no means.’

Indeed, it is an impressive list of goalkeepers that Green has mentioned and it is a list that perhaps does not include any surprises.