7 Football Records Liverpool could break this Season

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Liverpool knows better than to boast about their near-perfect record this season. They almost won the title in the 2014/15 and the 2018/19 seasons. But in both cases, Man City came from behind to lift the trophy.

As a result, Jurgen Klopp and his players have been avoiding talks about everything they could win this season. Instead, their message has been to always focus on the next game. And as we follow keenly to find out how the Reds will finish this season, here are seven records they could break, or they’ve already broken.

Best Start after 21 Games

Liverpool broke this record after their defeat over Spurs on Saturday. It was a game many observers believe Spurs should have won. But after a series of missed chances, the Reds scored the only goal to elevate their record to 61 points after 21 games.

Man City held the previous record with 59 points. But now, the Reds have a record that could take a while before it’s broken. By that, the next best team will have to win all 21 out of 21 games to break Liverpool’s record.

Is it the most prestigious tally? No, but it gives Klopp’s men the motivation to keep winning. After all, we are past halfway the league season. So, winning fifteen or more games will see the Reds lifting the EPL title with an incredible number of points.

Fewest Losses and Longest Win Runs

Every football fan knows this. Arsenal holds the record for the fewest losses in a season after they played 38 games without a loss in the 2003/04 season. Liverpool are on course to break that record but have a tough task ahead. They nearly lost to Spurs recently, and they have a strict schedule before the season is over.

Nonetheless, they have the chance to finish the season unbeaten. What’s more, they could break Arsenal’s record of 537 days’ undefeated run. So far, Klopp’s men have gone a calendar year without tasting defeat.

Should they win the next 12 games, including a win over man City, they will have equalled Arsenal’s 49-game unbeaten record. However, it will take until the season is over for them to overhaul the Gunners’ 537-day record.

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Most Home Wins in a Season

Manchester City presently holds the record for the most home wins in a season, 20, a record they clinched in the 2011/12 season. Previously, Manchester United held the record with 19 games while Chelsea had hauled 18 home wins in the 2005/06 season.

Liverpool have won 18 home games this season, and they could level up their tally when they host Man United on Sunday 19th. Wins over Southampton and West ham in February will see them tallying 21 home wins to break the record.

Defeating Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Burnley and Chelsea will up their record to 25 home wins, a near-perfect home record. Crucially, the reds don’t have a big threat in their upcoming home fixtures. Chelsea, the only big team they will face, will come in May. And by then, they might have already broken the record.

Of course, Liverpool have an injury problem. Some of their star players are out with different health problems. Despite that, the Reds have enough remaining players to chase wins and finish the season having broken a few records.

Most Wins and Points in a Season

One of the most intriguing things about the Reds is that they’ve been winning both home and away games consistently. They’ve also been playing beautifully, sometimes almost as unbelievable as video game competitions. Man City holds the record for most wins and most points. They won 32 of 38 games in the last two seasons and recorded 100 points in the 2017/18 season.

So far, the Reds have won 20 of the 21 games they have played, tallying 61 points—an incredible start to a season for any team. In light of that record, Liverpool could lose four of the remaining games and break both of City’s records.

If Liverpool wins all their remaining games, though, they could complete the season with 112 points. Can they do it? You can be the judge by betting at some of the best bookie sites as per Zamsino. You can also follow Klopp’s lead and wager on Liverpool on a game by game basis.

Breaking City’s record point tally is probably the last thing Klopp has in his mind anyway. With a 30-year drought before they last won the league title, lifting the EPL trophy is the Reds’ primary objective. As a result, he’s focused on winning the next several matches with the hope of lifting the trophy with a few games to spare.

Most Consecutive Wins

Breaking the home wins’ record isn’t the only thing Liverpool could do this season. With their 18 successive victories at Anfield, the Reds are on course to snap City’s 20 home wins’ tally long before the season winds up.

They only need to defeat Man United, Southampton and West ham to take their successive home wins’ tally to 21 games. On the other end, they could break the Citizens’ 18-game record for most consecutive wins. They currently are on a 12-game run.

Of course, the Reds nearly broke City’s 18-game record last year, but they drew with Man United. Back then, they were on a 17-match unbeaten run. This time around, though, Liverpool have several tough matches before they can equal or break the Citizens’ records.

But considering they are yet to lose a game so far this season, there’s a significant chance they could win the next six games.

Conclusion: can they break al records?

Liverpool’s biggest weapon is their chemistry. They are a team that looks determined each game no matter which side they face. They play beautifully and have a 14-point gap with a match in hand. So, even if they don’t break all records, they will surely, surely achieve their dream of winning the EPL title.